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Yacht Party Fashion for Men and Women

Yacht Party Fashion for Men and Women

 The lowest common denominator of summertime and celebrities is a luxurious yacht. This is it, the first thing that comes to mind. The second is champagne. The Wolf of Wall Street follows, if you’re really on a roll. Anyone (almost anyone) can own a boat, but yachts, mega yachts even, those are reserved for the world’s wealthiest people and their most glamourous friends, to pleasantly cruise along the most popular tourist and party destinations in the world – Ibiza, Cannes, Sydney, and the like. Yacht parties are not just your average “sunset on the wharf” gatherings. Things can start to feel very red carpet in these occasions, paparazzi shots and the E! Channel beg to prove. Participants in these boating bacchanals follow all the modern trends, they dress to fascinate fashion critics and sweep the rest of us off our feet.Yacht Party Fashion for Men and Women
But it is not just the Beautiful People who get yacht invites. Yachting season starts soon, and the modern situation at most marinas makes it so that it is rather easy, affordable even, to charter a yacht for a day or a week. Not many people can own boats, and not many boats can be used often enough, so most marinas have craftily come up with a compromise. Co-owning, renting, chartering, earning the right to the vessel as a reward for your help as a crew member – there are many ways to get your hands on a boat, and to get your friends to a boat party. Swaggin!Yacht Party Fashion for Men and Women

If you find yourself on a yacht this summer, don’t fret too much about your outfit. Sure, the floor-length ball gown you were saving for your big celeb encounter might seem a little out of place here, but you can gather some style Intel from the celebs who have already been there. In other words, to feel like a superstar, start by looking like a superstar.

Yacht Fashion for Women :

Any one of you ladies who got a “yacht party, bring your posh face” invitation recently should wear something elegant and dashing and show off your personal style, at the same time following the latest summer fashion trends. So everything about this summer is “be boho, be free”. You may want to refrain from the floor sweeping silk skirts, and keep those for some occasion that doesn’t involve boat rigging and open waters. Should you choose swirly summer dresses, you will not be wrong. As mentioned above, you may want to stay away from a Swarovski-studded Zuhair Murad – perfect for the red carpet, a little too perfect for a yacht party. It does scream pretentious, to be honest.Yacht Party Fashion for Men and Women

The color of the season is white, and the right choice could be a little white dress just above the knees. That is right, tuck your LBD away this season, and invest in its brighter cousin. This fantastic color is neutral, so you can combine it with any other color. You could try a combination of a little white dress and a navy blue blazer for that perfectly put together nautical look. Perhaps your only accessory could be a headband with a floral pattern. This combination of pure white and floral pattern accessories is a fashion hit this season and you should go for it. But that is not all: picture jeans cutoffs and a silk-knit top, with a silk kimono. Fashion bloggers will tell you this is passé, but they’ve had way too many words of praise for this outfit combo to just regard it like it didn’t matter. This may not be the classiest outfit, but it is perfect for a day sailing trip – you know you will be swimming at some point, and a wet bikini under a dress is a no-no.Yacht Party Fashion for Men and Women

If you are on a yacht – whether it is a day affair, or an evening party – high heels are not an option. Wedges are barely acceptable, but flat shoes with a good grip (you know, boat shoes) are irreplaceable. You could have an entire ensemble of flowing garments that can get caught on ropes and rails, but there is no excuse for not wearing safe footwear. Oh, and do not forget a coral red lipstick!

Yacht Fashion for Men :

Lads can also look like real gentlemen and dress accordingly when they find themselves on a yacht. Elegant suits are not necessary this season, so you can relax in casual unbuttoned shirts and fashionable deck shoes, combined with short pants. Pastel colors are very popular so you could consider them, but neutrals look excellent against a seascape backdrop, and all shades of blue are perfect, ranging from light blue to navy blue. George Clooney had a lot of boating involved in his wedding last year, so you could find a lot of inspiration in the outfits he and his friends wore to the event. Naturally, Ray Ban sunglasses complete every exquisite men’s outfit, and consider them not just for the yacht party, but as an all-around fashion statement this summer.

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