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How To Wow Him With The Perfect First Date Outfit

How To Wow Him With The Perfect First Date Outfit

We’ve all been there. You finally plucked up the courage to ask the cute guy out on a date. Or he surprised you out of the blue, and asked you to dinner. It’s the big day, and your tummy is full of butterflies. What will you talk about? Will we connect? Most importantly, what on earth will you wear?How To Wow Him With The Perfect First Date Outfit

Trying to find the perfect first first date outfit is never easy. You want to feel comfortable, but also look great (which is rarely a simple combination!) You want to flirt, but you certainly can’t show too much on a first date. There’s a perfect line somewhere, but it’s not always easy to find! Our simplest suggestion? Wear what makes you feel great, and the rest will shine through.

Choose something you’re comfortable in

The most important part of the date is (surprise!) not what you’re wearing. The best impression you can make is with a relaxed and comfortable personality. You want to chat and laugh comfortably. You don’t want to worry about whether your skirt is riding up, or if your top is long enough. A first date is nerve-wracking enough, without worrying about your outfit all night! Wear something comfortable, so you feel relaxed and confident to engage with the guy.

Choose a colour and style that always works for you

We all have that one outfit that works every time. Certain colours just work for us. And everyone has that one dress that fits like a dream. That’s your go-to outfit! You know it looks good. You know the colour complements your skin tone and eyes. It gives you the confidence you need to make a sparkling first connection. Remember, it’s confidence that shines through on a first date. If you wear it well, it doesn’t matter what it is.

More is more

Everyone’s hoping for something special on the first date. We hope the sparks fly, and the eyes meet in a perfect moment! But, you can’t force it. Playful flirting is totally encouraged, but don’t give too much away. Showing too much skin is rarely a good idea on the first date. Leave a little something to the imagination, and don’t scare him off!

… and what about lingerie?

Well, this parts entirely up to you! It’s your choice whether you leave him wanting more, or head home for… you know… a cup of coffee. If nothing else, some nice lingerie might help you feel a little more confident. Take a look at a lingerie store online, and see if anything takes your fancy. Whether he gets to see it or not is totally up to you!

Makeup and perfume

If you’ve got the perfect outfit, the makeup and perfume might just seal the deal. It’s always best to start with light, neutral makeup. It lets your smile shine through, and it’s much easier to react off each other’s expressions. Though a little mysterious eye makeup always adds a level of intrigue.  A hint of soft perfume will really tease him too, just don’t overdo it!

Good luck, and let us know if the sparks fly!

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