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Working More than 8 Hours Can be a Health Risk

Working More than 8 Hours Can be a Health Risk

A new research finds that even though female is a less strong sex but they relatively work more than males and also take pleasure in it instead than taking it as a pressure. But one should never refuse the fact that women are bodily weak and working for very long hours may or may not be WELL for their health. Studies show that fifty four percent of females are revealed to work nine or more hours per a day. This work routine tends to make them a sufferer of many problems which contains laziness, obesity, and stress etc.Working More than 8 Hours Can be a Health Risk

•1- Obesity :
Research have also found out those females who work more than 49 hrs a week gain an average of roughly 1.9% of their bodyweight over a two year interval. Employed females have less time for sleeping, exercise and preparing home cooked meals than unemployed ones and due to that they start gaining weight and become lazy. Build up of weight has a very bad impact on health and may also outcome in heart diseases.
•2- Laziness :
Those People who are the last one to leave the workplace or work over time may see the advantages in their pay cheque but absolutely are at a loss on many things. One of which is that they turn out to be lazy. Laziness makes a man or woman boring, fat and stressed out at the same time. If you are just giving time to your office work, you will also end up with many health and fitness problems.
•3- Workaholic :
A person who is used to work is known as a workaholic. Even if he or she does not get pleasure from their work, they still are forced towards it and can’t help on their own to come out of that loop. The outcome of this is that they ignore their family members, buddies and relatives. They don’t have any other diversion from unwanted feelings in their lives other than work. Moreover, they become a machines or robots when it comes to work and because of that, they lose attention in everything such as their favorite sports, interests etc.
•4- Stress or Depression :
Working extra time improves the risk of depression due to the fact mostly people think a lot while doing work. They don’t have any extra time to hang out with their buddies or family members or share issues with them. Hence, they keep all the issues to on their own which regularly keeps on revolving in their mind at all times. Doing work extra time can also have an adverse effect on a person’s thoughts and feelings, behaviours and emotions.
•5- Addicts :
It’s a popular fact that workaholics are less efficient than other employees. The main purpose behind it is alcohol addiction and sleep deprival. Workaholics turn to alcohol consumption when they are unable to sustain their usual high quality of work with the limited sources that are accessible. Hence, they stop knowing in on their own and take too much stress about their work and more than it is required. Gradually they become a sufferer of long term flu, fever and sleep deprival.

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