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The Best Ways to Sell a Diamond

When you are looking for ways sell your diamonds, you have two choices of where you can sell them. You can sell your diamonds privately or you can sell them to shops or dealers within the jewellery industry.



The Best Ways to Sell your Diamonds

If you are looking for a quick sale, then you may wish to sell your diamonds to a jeweller, although you will most likely not get as good a price for them. Alternatively, you can sell your diamonds to a private collector and can possibly get more money for them, but it may also take you longer to sell them.

Before you decide on the ways to sell a diamond or two or more, the first thing that you will need to do is get your diamonds appraised by a reputable third party and find out exactly just how much they are worth.

The Value of Your Diamonds

When you get your diamonds appraised, you can use the services of a local jeweller who should be able to get the job done in about an hour. You can also use the services of a Gemmological Laboratory, which is more expensive and usually takes around a week.

The value that your diamonds are estimated at will be the retail value of the diamonds, so you will need to be prepared when selling your diamonds to a jeweller that they will usually offer you well below this price, often around 60% of the diamonds retail value.

If you are after some quick cash, this may be acceptable to you, or you may wish to sell your diamonds privately in order to get as much of their value back as possible.

Finding a Private Buyer

There are plenty of different ways that you can find a private buyer for your diamonds in order to get as much money for them as possible, and some of these work much better than others.

  • Online Advertisement
  • Advertisement in Printed Media
  • Online Auctions
  • Friends or Relatives

There are thousands of different websites where you can place free adverts as well as also show pictures of what you are selling. These are an excellent way in order to sell your unwanted diamonds.

There are also plenty of printed publications, which offer free classified adverts, but these tend not to be as effective anymore as printed media is not a popular as it was 10 or 15 years ago.

There are also many auctions sites, which you can use to sell your goods and you may be lucky and get a higher price than the diamonds are valued at. But you do have to be careful and make sure that you put a reserve on the auction for a minimum price that you would accept.

Friends and relatives are also a good way of finding someone interested in buying loose diamonds, especially if you know anybody that is getting engaged, or married in the near future. Selling privately though can end up taking time, which is OK as long as you are not in a rush to sell them.

Getting Quick Cash for Your Diamonds

If you are looking for quick cash then, there are also some alternatives for you to try when selling your diamonds, such as jewellers or Pawn Brokers. There are many jewellers out there that will purchase diamonds and jewellery, such as Diamond Queensland.

Although you will not get the retail value of the diamond, you will get immediate cash for what you have to sell if you need it. A jeweller is generally a better option that a Pawn Brokers, as you will usually get much better prices from an experienced jeweller.

Whichever way you decide to sell your diamonds, you can get quick cash for them. You can include your jewellery if you need cash. Just don’t expect to get the price that you paid for them!

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