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Everything You Need to Know About Waxing

Everything You Need to Know About Waxing

A lot people shave their body hair at least once a month. Some people find it uncomfortable and itchy, while others just aren’t used to the concept of hair on their bodies. The standards of beauty most modern individuals are used to have evolved dramatically over the past few decades. The concept of women with hair under their arms, legs, or any other part of their body isn’t accepted by the media and mass culture. There are many ways to get rid of hair on your body.Waxing

You can either shave it off with a razor, use an epilator, or get it waxed. If you want a permanent solution, the best option is to get a laser treatment. Hair that’s shaved with a razor generally grows back much sharper. Even though epilators are designed to produce softer hair, many women also report that they need to use the epilator after every couple of weeks in order to ensure that the hair doesn’t grow back. In fact, one of the most popular methods used by women all over the globe is waxing.

What Is Waxing?

Waxing generally gives semi-permanent results. Unlike most other hair removal methods, waxing doesn’t cut the hair halfway through. For instance, when you cut your hair using a razor or an epilator, you are basically cutting the part of the hair that’s above the surface of your skin. The root of the hair, which exists below the surface, is still very much alive. That’s why the hair begins to grow back after two or three weeks.

However, waxing pulls the hair right from its root. As a result, new hair does not grow in the region that was waxed for at least four to six weeks. Strip waxing is perhaps the most common type of waxing that is offered in most salons. The wax is spread very thinly over the person’s skin.

Before the wax dries, the aesthetician puts a thin strip made out of paper or cloth on the surface, and then presses it against the wax. This makes the strip stick to the surface with the wax. Then, in one single stroke, the aesthetician pulls the strip parallel to the skin in order to avoid any trauma. Basically, this pulls out the hair right from its root.

The other method used for waxing is strip-less wax. This is also known as hard wax in many salons. Basically, a thick layer of wax is spread over the body, and the aesthetician doesn’t use any cloths or paper strips this time. Instead, the aesthetician waits for the wax to cool off. As the wax cools, it hardens on the skin. Thus, there’s no need for a paper strip in order to remove it. It can easily be removed by the aesthetician by simply pulling it off. This method is generally used for people who have very sensitive skin. Since the aesthetician doesn’t press on it, strip-less waxing doesn’t stick to your skin as hard as strip waxing, so it’s much less painful. If you have sensitive skin, strip-less waxing might be a wise idea. Otherwise, you could suffer from a series of problems, including redness and itchiness.

Benefits of Waxing:

Waxing has plenty of benefits as compared to other methods of hair removal. Unlike laser removal, waxing doesn’t kill off the hair follicles permanently. Therefore, the hair will return within a few weeks. It’s not a permanent method of removing hair from the body.

However, waxing does offer plenty of other benefits you don’t get with other hair removal methods. For starters, one of the biggest benefits of waxing is that it’s affordable. Unlike laser treatment, which costs a small fortune and numerous sessions, you don’t need to pay as much for waxing body hair. You can easily browse through London waxing salon listings and make an appointment at least a day before. Most salons are generally occupied throughout the day, so going as a walk-in customer is pretty much a game of chance. You don’t need to sit in the waiting room for a couple of hours before your turn—just make an appointment at least a day before.

Another reason people prefer waxing is because it is a highly effective method for removing large sections of hair from the skin in a short amount of time. You don’t need to go for repeat sessions every three to four days until the hair has been removed, as you do with laser treatments. Instead, the aesthetician will finish the waxing within only a few hours.

Most waxing salons offer different packages to their customers. You can choose from bikini waxes to underarm waxing, depending on what you want. The prices are fixed at most waxing salons, as well. When you go for waxing, it’s important to try to relax as much as you can.

Many people twitch as soon as the wax comes in contact with their body on the waxing table. The more nervous you are, the more it’s going to hurt. Perhaps the biggest drawback of waxing is the fact that it hurts when you take it off. In order to remove the most amount of hair in one go the aesthetician has to pull off the strips with a jerk. Even though the pain doesn’t last for long, it can be searing and intense at first, especially in the pubic regions and your underarms.

You can also find DIY waxing supplies at local stores. It’s not necessary for you to visit a local aesthetician if you want to wax your body. You can easily do it yourself by buying waxing materials on your own. This is good if you just want to wax your legs or other parts of the body that are easy to reach. However, in order to get the best results, it’s advised that you visit a licensed aesthetician for the job. They are experts at this, and know the best way to pull off the strips to reduce the pain.

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