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The Tremendous Health Benefits of Olive Oil

The Tremendous Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is definitely one of the world’s wonder products. Why? Well, you can cook with it, include it in recipes, moisturize with it, take your makeup off, and more! It’s a great product to have in the house. However, it’s also got many health benefits. You may already know that this oil is one of the world’s healthiest fats. Way better than any other oil available! We all need fat to survive, so it’s a great idea to include olive oil in our cooking and recipes. Want to know about the specific health benefits? Read on to find out more:The Tremendous Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is made from the fruit of the olive tree. This is the olive, of course. They are pressed to make this delicious oil. It’s all fairly simple; the olives are cold pressed , and the delicious oil comes out. There are many types; virgin, extra virgin, infused, and more. Eating any kind of olive oil is said to be good for us though!

Decrease the Risk of Breast Cancer and other Cancers

As the ingredients in olive oil help to reduce inflammation within the body, it can decrease the risk of cancers. More specifically though, breast cancer. Both men and women can get breast cancer, so consuming olive oil is essential.

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Olive oil lowers cholesterol levels within the body, so your risk of heart disease is lowered significantly.

Reduce Obesity

Although olive oil is very high in calories, using it in cooking and recipes has been proven to fight obesity.

Good For Your Bones

Olive oil is great for the bones, so it directly helps to reduce osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones where the bones become brittle and weak. Make sure you consume olive oil to protect them!

Lowers the Risk of Strokes

Studies have proven that people who consumed olive oil were 41% less likely to have a stroke than those who never consumed olive oil.

The Mediterranean Diet is One of the Healthiest Out There

The Mediterranean diet uses a lot of olive oil, and extensive tests have proven that it’s probably the healthiest diet in the world. They use lean meat, vegetables, herbs, spices, and lots of olive oil to create the majority of their dishes. Red meat and carbohydrates are used in moderation.

Reduces Depression

That’s right; olive oil has even been proven to make people feel happier and reduce depression.

After reading all of this, it’s obvious that olive oil is a true wonder product that everybody should use. However, you need to be careful when buying olive oil. El Olive warn that many companies sell cheap olive oil that has been mixed with other oils or extracted using chemicals. You need to find a reputable supplier who sells only the highest quality olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is my favorite!

Are you convinced of the tremendous health benefits of olive oil yet? If not, you’re missing out. Go and stock up your cupboards now!

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