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Thinking About A Long-Term Relationship? Make Sure Your Are Ready For The Commitment

Thinking About A Long-Term Relationship? Make Sure Your Are Ready For The Commitment

 You may have enjoyed being single for a while and had enough. Or perhaps you have met someone. But at some point in our lives, we make that decision to become steady with someone. Make a long-term commitment to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Perhaps ending in marriage and kids. Some of us are lucky to make that decision just once, and it be the right one. Others enter a few long-term relationships before finding the most compatible person for them.

Wherever you are on your relationship journey there comes a time to make sure you, as a person, are ready to make that commitment. It may seem like an easy thing to do, but you have to be sure. So here are a few things to consider before making that commitment to someone.Thinking About A Long-Term Relationship? Make Sure Your Are Ready For The Commitment

Is it the right person?

When making a commitment to someone you have to know for sure that this person is the right one. I appreciate we don’t all have crystal balls to know exactly who will end up being the one. But at this moment in time, you have to be sure of your decision. Ask yourself some questions. Do you get on? Have there been any crossed words? Do you have things in common? The other things to consider would be what your family and closest friends think. Of course, you shouldn’t take their opinions as gospel. But they may know you better than yourself and could offer a good insight.

When was the last time you got checked?

This is always a difficult thing to go through. But is so important. You must always take care of your sexual health. Before committing to someone, it is worth knowing exactly how you are in that department. I appreciate that you may be careful, but things like STD’s can be sneaky. It wouldn’t be fair to pass anything onto a prospective boyfriend or girlfriend. Just as much as you trust that the other person has the same respect for you.

It’s not as scary or hard to do anymore. You could simply visit a nearby testing centre and give yourself a clean bill of health. It’s important to show respect to one another. If you can’t do that now, what chance have you got in the future?

Have you talked about the future?

Of course, this doesn’t mean marriage and kids necessarily. Although these factors are important. It’s worth knowing whether you have the same ideas about the future. Do you both want marriage at some point? Do you both want children? Far from making those decisions now. But you have no idea that in 2 years time one of you could be ready for the next step. The other may not believe in it. So don’t waste any time and find out whether you have the same beliefs, interests and hopes for the future.

Be certain.

There is no point entering a relationship with the hope that someone will change. Or worst still that you can change them yourself. People don’t change. They may change their habits. But as individuals, they are likely always to be the same person. Besides, if you like them enough, you shouldn’t want to change anything about them anyway. Just be certain that this is a person you like completely. Not just parts of them.

What’s the next step?

You have decided that this is a person you want to commit to. So how exactly do you plan on doing that? Are you just making it official? Or do you plan to make a bigger type of gesture and move in with one another?

Again it is so important to be on the same page when it comes to how you want to proceed. To avoid any unnecessary conflict. If a commitment involves something like moving in together, then have you discussed how things are going to proceed. Who will move in with who? How will bills be paid? Discussing finances isn’t always for everyone. It can make some people rather uncomfortable. So get it all out of the way to avoid any drama in the future.

Are you ready?

A basic question will be to ask yourself if you are ready for this. Being in a relationship requires some level of compromise and sacrifice. Gone are the days of just going out partying until all hours. There will be someone to check in with first. Of course, don’t be in a relationship where someone would stop you doing all of those things. But you have to ask yourself, would you want them to be doing that to you?

It’s about compromising those nights out in favour of couple time. It’s scheduling in nights out with your mates instead of just deciding 10 minutes before. It won’t always be this way. But you have to ask yourself, is that what you want? Are you ready? Do you feel mature enough to handle a long-term relationship? Some would argue that they wouldn’t be ready until they reach the age of 30. Others are quite happy to settle down in their late teens. It’s all on you as an individual.

Don’t change for anyone.

As much as it was pointed out earlier not to expect someone to change this goes for you as well. Don’t ever change. Don’t be with someone who will expect that or force it to happen. It may seem that the previous paragraphs sounded like you had to change. Where you have to compromise. But that is not you changing as a person; that is you showing respect for another person. That’s you choosing to do that. If you don’t want to do that, then this person isn’t for you.

You shouldn’t have to change who you are to be with someone. We all change and grow up, but that is a choice not an essential.I hope this will help you come to a decision on whether you are ready for that long-term commitment. It’s nothing to be scared about. This could be the next exciting chapter in your life.

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