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These Tactics Will Get You the Unique Engagement Ring You Want

Your engagement ring symbolizes the beginning of a new journey in your relationship. First, you’ll spend time being blissfully engaged, and then you’ll be married. Your ring needs to special to make this wonderful occasion and your transitioning relationship. You don’t want one that looks like a thousand other engagement rings. But how can you make sure that you get something unique and special to you? If you’re lucky enough to pick your own ring, you’ve already got a head start on a lot of other women. You can find a ring that speaks to you by following this guide.


Ignore the Trends and Traditions

There are always trends surrounding clothes and accessories. And there are also traditions, which are basically trends that have stuck around. Diamond rings are currently the popular choice, but they haven’t been for long. For much of the 20th century, colored gemstones were more common. If you want your ring to be unique, don’t pay any attention to what’s popular. Concentrate on what you like and what you want to wear. After all, you should be wearing this ring for the rest of your life. You don’t want to be peer-pressured into buying something you’re unhappy with.

Choose the Right Brand

Sometimes just looking at rings with the right name will help you find something more unique. Some common brands might be more affordable, but they may not have anything that stands out from other rings. Try looking for a name that has something special about them, whether it’s their philosophy or their designs. For example, Tacori engagement rings are all handcrafted in California. If you see one ring you like by a particular brand, you’re likely to find more by looking at what else they have on offer.

Build Your Own

If you want something unlike anyone else’s ring, building a custom ring is an option. Many stores and designers offer a service for doing this. You can choose the band, metal, set and stones individually. Some services are simple, while others are more in-depth. You can do it quickly by choosing a stone and setting and ordering online. Other stores offer a more personal service, where you can discuss your ideas with a salesperson. They can help you come up with something completely new and make sure that it looks beautiful. This cuts down on the risk of you accidentally making a hideous ring.


Try a Vintage Ring


Another way to find a unique ring is going vintage. Many women won’t like the idea of a second-hand ring, but others don’t mind. It’s a good way of buying an ethical ring, as well as finding something different. You might find lots of rings with different stones, from sapphires to rubies. You can also get a vintage diamond ring. You should be able to find a range of different styles, and you can get the ring resized to fit you.


You can find an engagement ring unlike anyone else’s. And if you can’t, you can make your own. Just remember that what’s most important is that you like it, not that it doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

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