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Symptoms & Treatments for Dry Skin Allergies: Skin Care Tips

Symptoms & Treatments for Dry Skin Allergies

A supple, glowing and ideal skin is something all of us desire, especially today’s youngsters. But due in order to various reasons, perfect skin remains only a dream for numerous. Skin is extensively of 3 kinds – normal, dry and oily. The combinations from the 3 also can be found. With increased exposure with varied harmful elements, our skin has a tendency to respond vigorously and take up the extremes associated with dry or oily type of skin.Some greatest mistakes in skin care.Symptoms & Treatments for Dry Skin Allergies

What Is Dry Skin?

Dry pores and skin, in the extreme conditions is called Xerodermatitis and Xerosis, which is the common skin situation. It mainly occurs because of lack of adequate moisture or oils within the epidermis, the uppermost layer of the skin. This leads to dry patches as well as small fine flakes on the skin.

Causes or Dry skin:

Dry Skin is responsible by both external as well as internal factors. External cause’s like- little humidity, cold temps, hot showers, over using harsh soaps and sanitizers could make the skin dry. While internal elements, such as grow older, genetics, and personal and family history of skin conditions like allergies, asthma, dermatitis additionally causes skin dryness. People struggling with thyroid disorders will also be prone to dry skin.

Underlying Problems of Dry Skin:

The skin includes 3 layers — Epidermis (outermost), dermis (middle) as well as hypodermis (innermost). Epidermis, the protective layer consists of protein and lipid (fat). Lipid keeps the skin hydrated. When skin loses the actual fatty oils this easily loses moisture and protection. This renders your skin dry, making your skin more sensitive to rashes along with other problems (Xerosis).

Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, hives, and so on., are the serious cases of DRY SKIN PROBLEMS.

Dry Skin Allergy Symptoms:

1.Tough Flaky Skin As well as Gray, Ashy Skin In persons with Dark Complexion:

Dry skin, as stated before, lacks natural fatty oils as well as moisture. This makes your skin rough, flaky, scaly and sometimes, hardened. Dandruff is among the common ailments, which results throughdry skin on the scalp. Dry pores and skin flakes usually become pale, peel off and shed by themselves.

Itchiness can aggravate the actual severity of dry skin. It can result in an “itch-scratch” period. This cycle is more once the person is very little conscious, like when he/she is engrossed in certain important work, or while asleep etc.

3.Red Patches:

The tough, raised patches associated with flaky skin may itch, which result in a severe burning feeling. This burning sensation makes your skin red and cause red patches.

4.Cracks In The Skin, Which May Bleed

Often, dry skin has a tendency to crack, especially throughout winters. These cracks are a budding ground with regard to microbes. These microbes cause infection within the cracks, causing this to itch, burn off and bleed. This can result in serious skin bacterial infections, which can spread to other areas of the skin too.
5.Chapped Or Cracked Lips, Palms, And Heels:

Chapped lips would be the first symptom of the possible lack of water and moisture in your body. It can also be considered a sign of some type of dysfunction in your body. Same is along with cracked palms as well as heels. Though they are very common signs and symptoms and occur primarily during winters, see and visit to a doctor in serious cases.

Dry Skin Allergy Treatments:

There are various treatments for dry skin with respect to the condition and severity from the problem. Treatments could be both external as well as internal. Few remedies are:


Moisturizing is definitely an external treatment. It involves regular application of moisturizers about the problem skin region. Applying moisturizer upon damp skin works better. In case associated with extreme dry pores and skin, moisturizers containing urea or even lactic acid are helpful. These ingredients help your skin in holding and retaining water and keeping your skin well hydrated. It’s effective in not very severe instances. Some of the actual moisturizers are — Vaseline, Aquaphor, Cetaphil lotion and cream, Lubriderm Lotion, Crisco Vegetable Shortening etc. Topical steroid creams such as hydrocortisone 1% cream, Pramosone 2. 5% cream, Triamcinolone 0. 1% cream, Clobetasol 0. 05% cream can also be prescribed.

2. Medicines:

If the skin condition gets worse, consulting a dermatologist is the greatest way forward. The dosage from the medicines depends about the severity of the situation. If the condition gets very severe, steroids can also be prescribed. Some from the oral medications tend to be: Hydroxyzine (Atarax), Diphenhydramine (Benadryl), Cetirizine (Zyrtec), Loratidine (Claritin).

3. Change In Lifestyle:

This the most crucial factor in situation of skin conditions. Most of the actual severe dry pores and skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and so on., can be directly associated with unbalanced, unhealthy or even stressful lifestyle. People should to maintain healthy habits to prevent such kinds of ailments. Everyone should avoid doing all such things which can trigger the issue or increase this. Like, if one is allergic to some type of environment or food which in turn causes dry skin, she ought to avoid it. If pollution or cold’s the reason, then one should keep your skin covered when going out.

4. Humidify During Winter:

Dry pores and skin, as mentioned prior to, occurs due to insufficient moisture. Humidifying the air to maintain it moist is a great way to protect the pores and skin during winter. It’s possible to use humidifiers in your own home and in office too. They make the actual dry air damp and lessen the actual dry skin difficulties.

5. Applying Cool Cloths And Avoiding Heat:

Heat is definitely an enemy of dry skin since it bereft the pores and skin of its moisture content. Using warm water strips the pores and skin of its natural oils, making it dry. You should replace warm water with hot water to provide your skin a few respites. One also needs to avoid frequent as well as long baths. Five-10 minutes within the bath hydrates your skin, but longer compared to that, is harmful to your skin. Harsh soaps and cleansers also need to be avoided.

Dry skin is really a common problem and never well attended. If you wish to avoid further problems, make sure to take care with your dry pores and skin today. If required, make an appointment having a good dermatologist to locate a solution.

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