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Six Exercises to Follow for a Fit and Healthy Looking Skin

Six Exercises to Follow for a Fit and Healthy Looking Skin

 Younger looking healthy skin is easy to get. You do not have to undergo a surgery or go through harmful chemical treatment to get a facelift. The puff skin and sagging muscles can be done away with without spending a dime. So the catch is exercises. There are various exercises which you need to perform on a regular basis to get a healthy glowing skin. These exercises rejuvenate your skin and make you look youthful and lively. With these five facelift exercises you will be able to beat old age and also the wrinkles and skin sagging. However other than facelift exercises there are eye exercises and even yoga asana to beat old age and the wrinkled look. Some of the facelift exercises which you might consider doing are.Healthy Looking Skin

Lip exercise

Hold your lips just as you hold it when you want to whistle. Pucker it as tight as you can. Close your eyes and force the lips forward as much as possible. Hold this posture for about 20seconds. Then follow it with a reverse pattern. Part your lips apart as much as possible. Widen the muscles. This posture can be done for about 20 seconds. This complete cycle can be practiced for five times.

Back exercise

Lie on your back with your head on the floor. Slowly move your head and push to bring your chin towards you chest. Hold it till you count ten. Relax and get back to the previous posture.

Slapping of water in the face

This might sound like a punishment but is as great way to increase the blood circulation in the face to make you look younger. Put mouthful water in your face and slap you face to increase the movement of blood.

Facial massages

For maximum benefit complete your facelift exercise with a gentle facial massage.

The eye is a very important part of the face. When people look up to you it the eye which attracts them the most.

For great vibrant looking healthy eyes you have to carry out some exercises which also give great skin are-

Close your eyes and sit with back straight. Lift your eyebrows and hold it for about two seconds. Then open your eyes of two seconds. Practice this for some time and do it regularly for brilliant a dazzling eye which gives way to the mature skin.

Sit up straight and move your eyes balls anti clock wise and close wise alternatively. Repeat this procedure to get relief from the sagging eyes.

To make your eyebrows and eyelids strong you have to sit straight with eyes wide open. When eyes are wide open focus on a particular object for about 10 seconds and then relax your eyes. Repeat the process for some time for firm eyes and eyebrows.

Follow these six simple inexpensive facelift exercises just to get that youthful skin which you always dreamt for without those extensive surgeries and injections. However it is always recommendable to carry out these exercises before the sun is in the sky. Daily and regular exercises are also a recommendable.


About Author: The above article is written by Lisa jane who specializes with skin care products and runs her own small salon as well as advises people with beauty and health care tips.

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