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Shaving Secrets Revealed

Shaving Secrets Revealed

Women practically have their whole body to shave which makes the word “shaving” a quivering statement to plenty of females as it reminds them of unpleasant memories summarized in nicks and cuts and plenty of bad jobs all over the body.bikini razor , best razor for women , shaving cream for women , face razor , shaving bikini area , best bikini shaver , bikini shave ,

A lot of ladies depend on this hair removal method as it is thought to be the easiest and least painful of all which is a matter of fact if done well. Unfortunately in most cases the results are less than satisfactory to plenty and many complain about lousy shave jobs that the hems of their dresses and skirts catch on the legs!! What an irritating notion that is.

Shaving is something that we have to do and it is the biggest time waster that I know of! This is why we are here to disclose all the little secrets about shaving to give the closest and smoothest shave there is and make the time spent on it worth its while. So if you have been having trouble shaving and you don’t know what it takes for a smooth shave, Check out those tips andamp; tricks

Shaving Tips andamp; Tricks
• Gillette Sensor Excel for Women razors is very good, so always use razor blades designed for women.
• Change razor cartridges frequently
• Be sure your razor is sharp! Nothing like a dull razor to scrape the skin off.
• Don’t use your man’s razor

• Use a good Shaving gel for sensitive skin
• Use a good shaving cream if you have coarse hair
• Use a shaving cream that will lift hairs up prior shaving

• Soak your legs for a minimum of 3 minutes in warm water prior to shaving.
• Exfoliate your legs with either an AHA, or grainy substance (sugar). This gets rid of dead skin that may clog up razor. Removing dead skin allows the razor to glide.
• Leave a conditioner on your legs to work while shaving. This gets your pores to open up and the hair to get softer.

• Very important to shave gently and slowly with razor against hair growth for a close shave.
• Always have your legs in the bathtub while shaving to be able to relax and see carefully what you are doing. If you do it standing you are going to hurt yourself and end up doing a bad job.
• For a final touch, MOISTURIZE following to shaving with a non-irritating balm.

To sum it up for you, in order to get your shave right, the skin must be damp before the shaving, so do it after your warm shower and not before. The razor you are using must be sharp and must be made for women.

Do not shave without a shave cream or gel. To avoid a bad shave, never shave while you are standing as you will never be able to see what you are doing in that position. Always Pull the skin tight and shave in the direction of the hair growth, this will not give a very close shave but it will help avoid the red bumps that appears after shaving.

If you insist on shaving against hair growth direction, then it is very important to shave gently and slowly and never shave over the same area twice as this will cause irritation. Try to leave a conditioner on your legs to work while shaving as this gets your pores to open up and the hair to get softer.

After shaving, dry your skin gently but thoroughly. Once completely dry; use pure Aloe Vera to sooth the skin. Once that’s dried, rub baby oil into the skin to sooth it and protect it.

After a few hours wash the baby oil off using anti-bacterial soap then dry the skin and then use an intensive care Lotion with Aloe and Lanolin which you must use on a constant basis. Remember to give your skin a break, so a day in and a day out will be a good idea.

Now you are all set to wear all the silk stockings and flowing skirts all you want. So shave away and enjoy smooth and beautiful skin all over.

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