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Secrets From the Fountain of Youth: Looking Younger Without the Expense

Secrets From the Fountain of Youth: Looking Younger Without the Expense

Many people turn to invasive treatments such as cosmetic surgery and injections to restore a youthful look to their skin. These methods can be expensive, are not always effective, and may need to be repeated on a regular basis. Instead of spending lots of money on these types of treatments, there are less expensive solutions to looking younger that you can use right at home.Secrets From the Fountain of Youth: Looking Younger Without the Expense

Wear Less Foundation Liquid Makeup:

Makeup can have an aging effect on appearance. Foundations can actually emphasize wrinkles, rather than hide them. Opt for a dusting of powder instead. Use foundation or a concealer only on spot areas if absolutely necessary. If you must wear foundation, use a primer or a silicone based formula to fill in wrinkles prior to foundation wear.

Switch Up Your Make Up Routine:

Wearing too much eye shadow can make you appear older, but so can wearing no eye make up at all. Switch to neutral shades that have a little bit of sheen to them for the best results. Rather than wearing heavy black eye liner, use only right at the lash line, or switch to a dark color such as navy blue. Switch to cream style blusher and lighter lipsticks to minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Enliven the Look of Your Hair:

Add highlights to dark hair or a few face framing low lights for lighter hair to give the look of depth and volume of color rather than a harsh overall color look. Get your hair cut into bangs to help frame your face, and use mousse or change your hair part to add volume.

Clothing Update:

Your clothes can either date you, or give you a timeless look. Keep skirts to the knees or just below. Avoid bold colored highly patterned clothing. Opt for clothing styles that show your figure rather than being too large and shapeless, yet avoid those that cling too tightly. This goes for your undergarments as well. Purchase under garments in proper sizes and in flattering styles.

Skin Care:

It helps to take better care of your skin on a daily basis. Wash your face gently and avoid harsh and over drying cleansers that can make your face look older over time. Use moisturizer and sunscreen daily. Exfoliate your skin with a facial scrub or a Derma Roller several times a week to increase cell turnover that will result in a brighter, more youthful appearance.

You don’t have to go searching for the fountain of youth to achieve a timeless style and youthful appearance. Take time to update your style and keep your appearance fresh and classic.

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