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How to use a Safety Razor

How to use a Safety Razor

Shaving has always been an art. More than this, it has been a ritual that is followed by most men. Today due time constraint, most men just run a blade or electric razor past their face for quick cleaning. However, with change of time and technological advancement, varieties of new razors have flooded the market. But, whatever these manufacturers of cheap and disposable razors inform you, there is no substitute to safety razors.How to use a Safety Razor


Best Safety Razor- The chosen one

The safety razors are made for easier and simpler use. It is made stable with adjustable blades to avoid accidents. The razors outlined today make your shaving easy. However, there may be some complications, which will make you wonder how to use a safety razor.

Use of Safety Razors

Once you have purchased this razor, you wonder How to use a safety razor. This article mentions few guidelines for people to follow while using safety razors.

  • Foamy Lather- This is the very and a very crucial step as well. For safe shaving, you need to have the right equipment for it. Hence, a foamy lather is one of the essential aspects for using any safety razor. You need to even out the thick lather on your face smoothly. This step will ensure that the generous lather will treat your face and razor correctly.
  • Skill and Patience- Shaving with the use of a safety razor needs a little skill and patience. Below are a few pointers which you should keep in mind before employing safety razor on your face.
    • Pressure- Merkur Safety Razor is made stable with the blades that are efficient. Hence, use very little pressure and let the blades do their job uniformly and effectively. If you are in a habit of applying pressure, then hold the lower edge of your safety razor.
    • Angle- Always angle the razor an inch diagonal to the face. This stroke will give you perfection and smoothness. This will avoid any cuts or bleeds.
    • Move along the grain- Make sure that you manoeuvre the razor along the small grain like hair on your face. This will make your face plane and flushed.
    • Repeat the process- Always make sure that instead of applying pressure at once, it’s always better to shave the area again. There is no offence in going back over the same area for the second time. Make sure that the lather is adequate and foamy.
    • Change the blades- Always ensure that you keep changing the blades with time. The blades used should be sharp and effective by nature.
  • After shaving requirements- Make sure that you wash your face with cold water and towel dry it. This avoids irritation and closes all the pores on your face. Apply a good after shave that would reinstate the moisture.

Besides all the above-mentioned pointers, one thing that we should all know is that practice makes a man perfect. Hence, keep rehearsing until you become flawless.

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