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New Research About Acetaminophen and Lower Back Pain Patients

New Research About Acetaminophen and Lower Back Pain Patients

Acetaminophen, the medicine found in Tylenol, performs no better than a dummy tablet at decreasing lower back pain in a few people, nor does it help these patients get much better any quicker, a new research discovers.back pain , lower back pain , spinal stenosis , neck pain , sciatica , sciatica treatment , upper back pain , lower back pain relief  sciatic nerve ,


The study included more than 1,600 people in Australia who expert sudden (acute) lower back pain, and were at random allocated to either take acetaminophen tablets regularly three times a day, to take acetaminophen only as required, or to take sugar pill. None of the members were told whether they were getting acetaminophen or a placebo, and they had taken the pills till they were pain-free, for up to four weeks.

Acetaminophen and Lower Back Pain :

Persons in all three categories took about the same number of days to turn out to be pain free 17 days in the daily dose group and the as required group, and 16 days in the placebo team. Members also kept track of their daily pain (on a scale of 1 to 10), and pain ratings over the three groups were about the same during the research.

Recommendations for dealing with people with acute lower back pain suggest acetaminophen as the first selection pain killer, but till now, no extensive research have been done to show that the treatment method basically works much better than a placebo, the experts said in their study.
The new conclusions recommend doctors “need to re-think the worldwide recommendation to provide (acetaminophen) as a first-line therapy for lower back pain,” Christopher Williams, a specialist at the University of Sydney in Australia, mentioned in a report.

The experts noted that 3 months after the study started, about 85% of the members were pain free, in spite of what group they were in.

Even now, the outcomes should be verified in additional research before the drug is disregarded as a treatment for lower back pain, the experts said.

“This is the very first research of this kind, so it is really tough to make a final decision based on just one study,” mentioned Dr. Michael Mizhiritsky, a physical recovery expert at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York who was not included in the study. Mizhiritsky said he would not stop suggesting acetaminophen to his affected individuals based on one analysis.

There are a few disadvantages to the new research, which includes that it did not have a group of sufferers who obtained no treatment, Mizhiritsky mentioned. It is really achievable that patients in all three categories got better more quickly than they would have with no treatment a occurrence known as the placebo impact, he mentioned. And not all sufferers in the study took the suggested dose of acetaminophen, he said. Members in the daily dose group were suggested to take 3,990 mg of acetaminophen everyday, but rather, they took 2,660 mg everyday, on average. A dose of 4,000 mg per day may have been more efficient, the experts said.

Earlier research have found that acetaminophen performs about as well as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen, for lower back pain, but acetaminophen is recommended as a first option due to the fact it has much less side effects.

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