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How to reduce the appearance of Cellulite with Makeup?

How to reduce the appearance of Cellulite with Makeup?

If you have cellulite then you are not alone. 90% of women get affected by cellulite at some point of time in their lives. Some women choose to ignore it completely, and, some of us, look for ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite.How to reduce the appearance of Cellulite with Makeup?

If you read beauty magazines or watch online videos, you will find yourself loaded with multiple ways to curbing or reducing cellulite. But, how many of those ways are actually proven and legitimate? Who knows!

The internet is loaded with terrible misinformation pertaining to cellulite and its treatments. It is, therefore imperative for you to filter the correct methods of reducing cellulite from the available information online.Here we will show you how you can reduce the appearance of cellulite with makeup.

Apply sunless tanner

There are some really good sunless tanning lotions available in the market that can be used to reduce and hide those stretch marks by darkening the skin. A tanned skin looks toned and tighter.

Ideally, you must start applying a thin layer of tanner only to cellulite prone areas of your legs and thighs. Then, spray the tanner on the same area. Just make sure that you exfoliate the skin before applying tanner.

Sunless tanner will help in reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Apply highlighting foundation

This one is an insider model tip so a sure shot winner. In addition to applying a sunless tanner, it is also better to apply a highlighting foundation, down the front and back of the legs.

Body makeup

If you are looking at reducing the appearance of cellulite then opt for body makeup. Body makeup is capable of concealing those underlying fat deposits and lumpy appearances, thereby making them inconspicuous to the naked eyes.

Moreover, most of the body makeup brands available in the market are waterproof, which means you can go to that pool party without thinking twice about the cellulite on the buttocks and thighs.

Mineral detox

Another option that you have is of applying mineral detox scrub to the cellulite. Mineral detox is known to be ideal for diminishing the lumpy bumpy areas and also helps in boosting blood circulation.

It is 100 per cent natural and made of organic oils, herbs and is rich in minerals.

Use a concealer

Applying a concealer will help you reduce the appearance of cellulite. Make sure that you buy a concealer that matches with your skin tone. Generally, concealers do a better job than bronzing powders and foundations, and, therefore, it is ideal to apply a lighter coat of the concealer on the cellulite for covering purpose.

Skin firming cream

A firming cream can do wonders on your cellulite prone skin. Dermatologists recommend using a firming cellulite creams like Dr. Brandt Skincare Cellusculpt, dermology cellulite solution, revitol cellulite that contains caffeine and all natural ingredients. The users of the cream love its results.


  • Try using a concealer brush while applying a concealer
  • Dusting dab powder in the end will allow the makeup to blend well and also help the concealer to last longer.


  • Makeup will only provide you with temporary relief and you will be required to keep applying the makeup on your cellulite to cover it.

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