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Five Reasons to Cut Your Hair Every Three Months

Five Reasons to Cut Your Hair Every Three Months

Beautiful hair doesn’t come easy. The big secret behind the gorgeous hair of your favorite movie stars and cover girls is regular maintenance. The right frequency of haircuts can add up to a lifetime of gorgeously flattering hair. Did you know there is actually a science behind how often women need to cut their hair in order to maintain a gorgeous mane? Are you looking for advice on how frequently to time your trims? Here are the top five reasons why you need to cut your hair every three months in order to avoid mane mania.Five-Reasons-to-Cut-Your-Hair-Every-Three-Months

    1. The Weight of Your Hair

Hair becomes harder to style as it grows. It can be difficult to achieve a polished and professional look when your hair becomes unruly and untamed because of extra inches. Human hair gets pulled down by its own weight at is grows. This extra weight can cause your hair to appear limp and greasy. Regular trims help your hair maintain volume and body.

    1. The Curse of Split Ends

Split ends are something that every woman dreads. It is important to seek a proper cut at least every three months in order to snip off straggly ends before they expand and cause major damage to the rest of your hair. Split ends become more damaged the longer you put off a haircut. You might be breaking your dry and damaged hair every time you brush it. Nip the problem in the bud before your beautiful head of hair turns into a manic mane.

    1. Heat Treatments Cause Damage

Blow dryers and flat irons are every woman’s special little secret for creating sleek style and glamorous volume. These beauty tools also cause serious damage to hair follicles. Repeated use of heated instruments can leave hair dry and brittle. It is vitally important to get regular haircuts in order to remove damaged strands of hair and promote your hair’s natural oils. Make sure you cut your hair before it becomes a crunchy mess.

    1. Cutting for the Sake of Consistency

It is critical to get a haircut every three months in order to keep your hairstyle consistent. Little details like layers that are intended to flatter and frame your face can actually turn into a disaster if you ignore proper maintenance. Routine cuts are important if you want your hairdresser to be able to identify the layers in your hair and redefine them in order to avoid unattractive split ends near your chin and neck.

    1. You Deserve the Salon Experience

Your hair is your crown. You deserve to treat yourself to a session at the hair salon Orange County ladies trust to get their hair looking its best. It’s an unspoken rule that every woman deserves a special session in a salon chair every three months. A haircut is an emotional boost that will make you feel a little more beautiful and a little more confident. 

Never let your hair drag you down. It is essential to seek out a professional haircut every three months in order to keep your hair in pristine condition. You need to treat your hair right today so that it can be good to you for the rest of your life.

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