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Another Polio Virus Strain Now Eliminated

Another Polio Virus Strain Now Eliminated

According to a latest report, Another Polio Virus Strain that causes polio has likely been eliminated throughout the world.For the 2 years now, there have been no new records of polio virus triggered by this strain, called polio virus type 3, in accordance to experts from WHO and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).Another Polio Virus Strain Now Eliminated


The feasible reduction of the polio virus type 3 would be a “historic milestone” for worldwide polio elimination initiatives, the experts said in their report published today (Nov. 13).
The whole world not yet rid of polio. There are three strains of the virus, and type 1 is still definitely being passed on in three countries: Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Transmission of polio virus type 2 has been ceased since 1999.

Polio virus reasons polio, or poliomyelitis, as the situation is effectively called. The disease is a extremely infected and terminal disease of the anxious system, but can be avoided by vaccination. In the 1980s, the virus wiped out or paralyzed about 350,000 people globally each year. But since the WHO’s Worldwide Polio Eradication Effort was launched in 1988, the amount of cases has dropped by over 99 %.

Continue to, because the type 1 polio virus is growing in three countries, the disease proceeds to pose a threat to any polio-free region in the world where vaccination levels are not completely high, based to the World Health Organization.

Polio virus type 1 is the most controversial of all strains of this virus, resulting in illness in 1 out of every 200 people it infects. Type 3 sickens about 1 in 2,000 people it infects.

The last case of polio triggered by the type 3 strain of the virus was an 11 month old baby in Nigeria, who grew to become paralyzed on Nov. 10, 2012, in accordance to WHO. Since then, no other situations have been revealed, and the virus has not shown up in lab tests performed by the organization’s polio monitoring team. Still, ongoing surveillance will look at whether polio virus type 3 is in fact fully ceased.

If verified, the effective treatment of polio virus type 3 shows that applying WHO’s vaccination plans in the three staying nations around the world will also stop the distribute of polio virus type 1, the scientists mentioned.

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