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How to Plan Your Own Birthday Party

How to Plan Your Own Birthday Party?

Planning your own birthday party doesn’t sound like the best thing, but it’s actually a really good opportunity. You get to have the birthday party you’ve always wanted, and not one that your parents or best friend tried to put together for you. This is your party, and your rules! Not sure where to begin when planning your own birthday party? Take a look at these tips to help you:How to Plan Your Own Birthday Party

Write Out a Guest List:

Write out a guest list of everybody you would like to attend this event. Don’t feel obliged to invite people you don’t really know. If you want to have an amazing party, you should invite people you care about. Try not to forget anybody when you write out the guest list, as you’ll need a rough idea of numbers for everything else. You can put the feelers out before you start booking anything too, for example, making a facebook group to see how many people will attend. Bear in mind some will say they are and then not showing up, because that’s just what people of today do.

Pick a Suitable Venue:

You’ll need to pick a suitable venue with the number of people expected to turn up in mind. Make sure it can fit your guests and food inside. I don’t recommend picking a particularly large venue, as it can look like nobody has turned up if you’re not careful.

Find a Theme You Love:

Having a themed party can be a lot of fun, and it can help when you’re picking the decor, outfits, and other things too. If you want fancy dress, make sure you put emphasis on this when telling people and giving out invites. You can have any theme, all you need to do is use your imagination. Maybe you want it themed around your favourite band, film, or book. It can be anything you like!

Send out the Invites With Plenty of Time:

Send out invites with lots of time so that people have plenty of time to prepare and get the time off work. If you leave it too late, a lot of people will likely let you down.

Book and Arrange Entertainment:

You don’t necessarily need to book any entertainment, but you can if you have the budget for it. Some people like to have bouncy castles, photo booths, and DJs. However, you could easily make a playlist and have everybody make their own fun.

Decide if There Will Be Food:

Having food is usually a good idea, as it helps people soak up all the alcohol, say Liquor Barn. No need for a sit down meal, just put on some fingers foods and your guests should be happy.

Consider a Free Bar:

This again depends on your budget, but could be a good idea if you want to make sure your guests continue partying well into the night. Everybody loves a free bar!

Focus on your guests having a good time and they won’t forget your party in a hurry!

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