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Looking good in Your Holiday Photos: Six Slim-Down Tricks

Looking good in Your Holiday Photos: Six Slim-Down Tricks

 The holidays are just around the corner, and that means plenty of new opportunities to take beautiful photographs with your family and friends. While everyone loves a cherished memory, taking a picture for posterity can generate some self-consciousness if you are not prepared. Here are the top six ways to make sure you look your best so that you can enjoy posing for your holiday photographs with self-confidence.Six Slim-Down Tricks


Eat Only When You are Hungry

Tradition dictates that a person should eat three square meals a day. However, this rigid eating schedule does not work for everyone. Instead, plan to eat only when you are hungry and only eat healthy foods during your meals.

Get Enough Sleep

The average person needs approximately seven to eight hours of sleep to feel truly rested. Be sure turn in early enough to get the right amount of sleep. Being well-rested will not only work wonders for your hair and skin, but it will also give your metabolism a welcome boost.

Do Not Starve

During the holidays, it may be tempting to forgo meals out of guilt for eating a few holiday treats. Unfortunately, this can be detrimental for you figure because starvation will lower your metabolism while also leading to binges. Squash your hunger while still staying within a healthy range of calories by having a meal replacement shake like http://www.idealshape.com/meal-replacement-shakes/. They’ll give you the energy you need to keep going while keeping your hunger satisfied.

Make Exercise a Morning Priority

Too often, people schedule many events during the holiday and put off their workouts. However, making exercise a priority is key to staying slim and trim during the holidays. Create a morning routine that involves at least 30 minutes of exercise each day and treat it as if it is the most important item on your to-do list.

Skip the Sugar

At almost every holiday event, tempting treats will be displayed and offered. Avoiding these temptations may be hard, but it will be worth it when you look back at photographs from holidays past. To avoid eating too much sugar, be sure to have a healthy snack before events. This way, you will be able to fight temptation as soon as it is offered.

Eat Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast is the best way to start your day. Generally, it is best to exercise before eating. Then, wait at least a half hour before eating. However, skipping your breakfast can lead to your body thinking it is in starvation mode. Therefore, be sure to eat a well-balanced meal within the right morning time frame.

Everyone wants to look good during the holiday season so that they can dazzle their loved ones and look their best for photographs. Staying slim is the most effective way to shine in photos and can easily be accomplished by maintaining a healthy focus despite the holiday temptations. Keeping a meal shake and healthy snacks nearby and sticking to a workout routine will have you looking and staying slim through the holidays and beyond.

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