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Laser Eye Surgery Versus Glasses or Contact Lenses

Laser Eye Surgery Versus Glasses or Contact Lenses

Some people are born with poor eyesight, whilst others develop poorer eyesight as they get older. The question on most people’s mind is; do I choose contact lens, glasses or do I have corrective laser eye surgery?

The first pair of glasses was created in Italy in 1286, so they have been around for a while. Leonardo Da Vinci masterminded the contact lens in 1508 using a fish bowl. However, the first wearable contact lens was created in Germany in the 19th century. Laser eye surgery is a relatively new concept. The first successful surgery was completed in 1988, and the surgery has only got better and more effective since.Laser Eye Surgery Versus Glasses or Contact Lenses


As with most elements of our lives, cost plays an important factor when we are deciding on something. The cost of glasses, contact lenses and laser eye surgery all vary. The best way to think about costs is in the long-term. Glasses and contact lenses constantly need updating and replacing. Unlike laser eye surgery that only has a one-off cost attached to it. Although glasses and contact lenses are cheaper in the short-term, you need to consider the lifetime costs too.

Short Term Win: Contact Lenses and Glasses

Long Term Win: Laser Eye Surgery

Fashion and Trends:

Once you have considered the costs, you may want to consider the fashionable elements. Glasses were always seen as function over fashion, up until recently anyway. Over the last 100 years, glasses have taken on different styles and materials.

Today the glasses’ industry is booming. This is because fashion changes over time. So, instead of having one pair of glasses that previously would have lasted a lifetime, you now need several pairs. All in the name of fashion.

Contact lenses are not particular fashionable. The truth is, that you rarely know people are wearing them. So you cannot really make a fashion statement with them. The closest that contact lenses have become to being fashionable is in the different coloured lenses that you can buy. Contact lenses do not come close to becoming as fashionable as glasses.

Laser eye surgery does not role and changes with fashion styles. Having laser eye surgery is a decision that you make to improve your eyesight over the long term.

Fashion Win: Glasses

Functional Win: Laser Eye Surgery

Personal Choice:

Deciding on whether glasses, contact lenses or laser eye surgery is best for you is an entirely personal choice. We all have different circumstances in our lives that will dictate on which avenue to go down. Websites will give you more information on the laser eye surgery process. It will also cover other important elements such as laser eye surgery costs.

Other fashion websites will give you more advice on what types of glasses that will suit the shape of your face. A select few optician websites will give you advice on how to safely and effectively put contact lenses in.

Once you have all the information, you require you can then make an informed choice of what choice is best for you.

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