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Jewelry For Your Body Piercing

For a stranger, you are how you present yourself to him/her. Your dressing style, body language, accessories are the only things for a stranger to make a perception about you. And this is why you need to be a little selective in buying clothes and accessories. The same rule goes while selecting jewelry for your body piercing. There are so many things that you need to consider before getting a piercing done and buying jewelry for the same. You don’t need to worry about options as there are multiple websites offering beautiful body jewelry online to their customers. However, you definitely need to think about your lifestyle, comfort level and the kind of people you would be surrounded with while wearing the jewelry. Below is a little guide on how to pick the perfect jewelry for your body piercing –


  • Ear piercing


Ear piercing is quite popular among women of any age group. It is often the first piercing that we get done. Ear piercing is also popular among boys. If you are getting a few more ear piercings done, make sure to check how it will look on your face by wearing false earrings for a few days. False earrings will satisfy your desire without any pain. You can also invest on gold or silver studs with simple designs to complement your office look.


  • Nipple piercing


Nipple piercing is not yet very popular. If you are planning a surprise for your partner this valentine, go get your nipple pierced. You can wear gold or titanium nipple rings or shields to style your nipple piercing.


  • Belly Button Piercing


If you are deciding to get your belly button pierced, do not hesitate to pay a little extra to get jewelry in the finest and best quality and metals. It is advisable to wear simple and light designs to protect your skin from any rashes or irritation. You can make it a habit to remove the belly button rings or jewelry before going to bed. This will let your jewelry last longer by reducing the chances of any harm or damage. If your girl has a belly button piercing, you can gift her heart shaped belly button ring on this year’s lover’s day.


  • Nose piercing


Nose piercing is very common and getting nose piercing done is a custom for some tribes. If you are unsure on how a nose ring will look on your face, you can go for a false ring. You can also invest on a diamond or a 14K gold nose ring if your skin is sensitive. Nose pins are also trendy and light to wear to complement any casual outfit.     


  • Lip piercing


Lip piercing and wearing a jewelry that goes well with your face type can add a lot in your beauty. Make sure to get gold or stainless steel pins for your lip piercing.   


  • Tongue piercing


Tongue piercing can make you look extremely attractive and feminine. If you are planning to buy something, get 14K Gold or surgical steel tongue rings along with other body jewelry online to style your tongue piercing.



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