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How To Inculcate Healthy Eating Habits In Your Toddler

How To Inculcate Healthy Eating Habits In Your Toddler

 As your child grows from baby to toddler, you face the real challenge in the form of feeding him with the right things. At this stage, a child often develops his own eating habits which begin at the declaration made at meals. Many frequent declarations made by these toddlers are sufficient to alarm out their picky eating nature, which needs to be considered by parents. Although, handling such toddlers is not at all difficult, rather some precautionary measures need to be adopted to instill healthy eating habits in them.


As a parent, you must realize the fact that children follow the eating habits similar to their parents. Thus, if you are eating unhealthy snacks or avoiding the healthy meals, your child will also follow you. If any particular food item is being avoided by the family, the child will follow the procedure. But there is a positive side also, that the child’s unhealthy eating habits are vulnerable and can easily get transformed into healthy ones.

So, if you want to instill good and healthy eating habits in your toddler, then you must follow certain important baby feeding tips:

Begin at young age: If your baby has just started focusing on solid foods, then you can introduce wide range of fruits and vegetables to him. It’s possible that your kid shows funny faces while eating such foods or even ignores them completely. If such thing happens, try not to ban the food completely. Rather, insist the child to make a try at least. Remember, if you ban the food yourself, you are taking a step further in making your child picky eater. So, avoid such actions and try to encourage healthy toddler eating habits.

Don’t dislike the food in front of your child: Have you ever thought on this aspect that if you show your dislikes towards a particular food, what would be your child’s reaction? In case, you don’t like a specific food, try not to show the dislike in front of your child. Try to encourage your child to give a try to every food.

Show some creativeness: it usually happens that children don’t like vegetables or make funny face while eating them. If your kid also shows same reactions, then don’t be afraid. Simply think differently and prepare the same vegetables in an interesting way. Show your creativity and urge your kid to eat it. When the same boring vegetable gets garnished with delectable sauces, may be the kid gets attracted towards it.

Instill healthy picky tendencies:It is always allowed to give choices to your kid, but the choices must move around healthy things only. Often times, your kid has shown his dislikes towards food. If you accept that dislike instantly, than you are seriously making a wrong decision. Look before the food healthy factors and then encourage your child to try that food once. If he still dislikes it, try to make little adjustments in the food preparation. You have to make tries till you didn’t get success.

If you need some guidance on your baby’s eating habits and your own diet after pregnancy, you can take support of healthy pregnancy guide or ask from expert.

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