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Increas Your Personal and sexual Energy-Incereasing Energy

Increas Your Personal and sexual Energy

 By:Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer

I gave a lecture in Toronto recently, then flew to Cairo to give another lecture, then headed back to New York and went straight to the Waldorf-Astoria hotel to attend a gala dinner. To anyone who knows me, that’s not an extreme example of my schedule. And, yes, I’m 79.

People are always asking me where I get my energy, and while there may not be one answer for a quick boost, I do have some ideas on what you can do to increase your overall energy level.Increas Your Personal and sexual Energy-Incereasing Energy

Everyone’s life goes up and down, but the key is to work at pushing yourself back in an upward direction as soon as you sense yourself taking a wrong turn. One trick I use is to have a drawer full of letters and correspondence that make me feel good. If I start to feel a little down, I reach into that drawer and pull out one of those letters. As soon as I start reading one of them, I can sense my spirits start to lift.

Another way to increase your energy is to surround yourself with other people. Now I have no patience with people who tell me they’re tired or bored. Such conversation sucks the energy out of the room, and from me. If I feel tired or bored, instead of doing nothing, I make sure that I’m off to some place where there are a lot of people. Somehow I manage to soak up the energy of the crowd and it gets me revitalized. No matter how tired I may feel, if I’m in a room with lots of commotion, then suddenly I’m raring to go. And I believe that can work for anybody. Rather than give in to lethargy, my advice is to fight it as hard as you can and you’ll see that by picking up the pace you’ll be more energetic, not less.

A vacation is a good way to recharge your batteries, but not if it means you’re just lying on a beach “working” on a tan. You need to go someplace where there’s lots of activity so that the high energy level rubs off on you. One of my favorite places to go on vacation is Israel. In that little country there are so many energetic people running in every direction that you can’t help but feel energized after a couple of weeks. And there are so many different cultures represented that your mind is constantly being stimulated, which is very important if you’re going to leave a place feeling more energetic than when you arrived.
Another place I like to visit because I leave feeling revitalized is Florence. A friend of mine owns a hotel in Tuscany, very close to Florence, called Villa Mangiacane and I go there when I can. The Villa is in a very quiet setting, but first thing in the morning I take off for Florence, which is the perfect tourist city because it’s small enough that you can walk everywhere, and around every corner is some incredible museum filled with works of art. Florence is the place where the Renaissance began, and Villa Mangiacane was built by the Machiavelli family. I believe there’s an aura about this city that does inspire. I have no artistic abilities, but when I’m in Florence I somehow feel more creative–and energized.

Every year I make a trip to Charleston, S.C. Why Charleston? Because at New Year’s, there’s a Renaissance get-together, where all sorts of fascinating people gather to give lectures and talk to one another. Knowing that I’m going to go from one scintillating conversation to the next from morning till night suits me to a T. I’m generally not a morning person, but I go to the first lecture and stay until the last one is over. And if I’m lucky, in the evening I get one dance with a Supreme Court justice. So if you can go to some gathering where people are sharing their ideas, I recommend it strongly as a way to recharge your batteries.
With the holidays coming up, most people are energized–maybe even crazed would be a better way of putting it–but there are people who don’t have a partner who feel quite sad during these times. While this is an understandable reaction, it’s also an avoidable one. The secret is to follow the same broad piece of advice that I’ve been giving here–go out to places where there are lots of people and let them help you pick up your spirits. We humans are social animals. If you hibernate in your cave, of course you’re going to be sad. But if you seek out the bright lights and the crowds, then you’ll immediately start to feel better.

This is the season of giving, and one way to do so is to give of yourself. Even if you’ve done all your shopping for friends and family, there are many poor people who write in to Santa or other organizations with their needs. If you contact one of these places and get a list of items to purchase when you go shopping on their behalf, even if it’s only for simple gifts like socks and pajamas, you’re going to feel pretty good about yourself. And instead of fighting the throngs of other shoppers, you’re going to appreciate being in those stores with all those other people. When you get back home with your packages, you won’t be exhausted, but uplifted.

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