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How can Kratom help relieve pain?

Although pain is not pleasant, it is of crucial importance to the body. Did you know that people born without sensitivity to pain often do not survive childhood? You won’t be in a hurry to heal your burns, scrapes, or cuts if you are not aware that you are injured. Whether you like it or not, pain is our body’s way of warning us that something is wrong.

After reviewing the different types of pain, like acute pain and chronic pain,
emotional pain and physical pain. let’s see how kratom herb might play a role in its treatment in the future.

What is Kratom?

Kratom grass unfortunately has a rather bad reputation. You may remember that in 2016, the US Food & Drug Administration tried to register kratom as a Category I substance. Although the FDA ban did not come into effect, many US states and some EU countries ban kratom for both recreational and medical use.

Despite all this bad press, groups of patients suffering from chronic pain claim that kratom has helped them enormously in their treatment protocol. So, what exactly is kratom, and can it really help in the treatment of chronic pain?

Let’s start with the basics. Officially called Mitragyna speciosa, kratom is a subtropical green plant related to the coffee bean. The peoples of Southeast Asia have grown and used various strains of kratom over the centuries for a variety of purposes. In addition to chronic pain, traditional Asian healers have used kratom to treat many mood disorders such as anxiety, depression or chronic fatigue.

How can Kratom help relieve pain?

Although there is not a ton of research on the physiological effects of kratom, most scientists believe that this plant owes its analgesic properties to the dozens of natural alkaloids that make it up. Among these compounds, mitragynine and 7-HMG seem to be the strongest.

How Can Kratom Help Relieve Pain

Actually, these alkaloids are able to help for the moment block pain signals in the brain. However, unlike the stronger opiates, kratom does not appear to bind directly to opioid receptors. This leads some analysts to hypothesize that kratom could be used to help addicts get rid of harder drugs such as heroin.

Including to its possible uses in the face of habit, kratom could be used as an alternate to pharmaceutical opioids. A few countries such as Denmark and Finland already allow doctors to prescribe kratom in the treatment of various conditions. Since this herb is completely natural, many of its proponents claim that it does not have the potential side effects associated with pharmaceutical opioids.

What are the types and potential effects of Kratom?

There are many types of Kratom and all their effects depend on a person’s individual characteristics, purpose and other factors. The different strains also partially explain the different known effects: sedation or stimulation. Each person can find the desired effect. Therefore, each user must use the method of trial and effects to find the best one for him or her.

There are three types of Thai Kratom: red, white and green. However, this is not the color of the leaves, but rather the color of the veins that run through them.

Red Kratom is well known for its analgesic effects, while the white and green types are more appreciated for their stimulating properties.

Here are the most popular ones:

  1. Maeng Da Red
  2. Green Bali
  3. White malay
  4. Red malay kratom
  5. Golden Bali

Why do some people react negatively to Kratom?

Because kratom has a mild anesthetic effect, some people think that after using kratom, the same effects are similar when taking medications and opioids, resulting in a risk of addiction. However, the scientific evidence to support this claim does not exist.

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