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Here’s How To Host Your Own Wedding Reception

If you are engaged to be married soon, then you may already be weighing up your options for the wedding. There are plenty of choices. You might choose a budget venue at your favorite pub. Or you may be seeking a luxury hotel reception where all the decorations, catering and service are managed for you. Of course, this takes a lot of the stress and hassle off your hands. But it may cramp your style and prevent you from having everything exactly the way you want it.How To Host Your Own Wedding Reception?

How To Host Your Own Wedding Reception?

For the ultimate wedding designed your way, you might want to host your own reception. You can do this at home if you have enough space. Or you might want to hire out a hall. Some people like to use a marquee in the garden and bring in the tables, chairs and decorations themselves. This is a great way to create the wedding reception of your dreams.

When it comes to setting up the venue, you will need a small dance floor area. Around this space arrange the tables in a horseshoe shape. The top table is where you and the groom will sit, facing the guests. Your parents and the bridal party may also be seated there. It depends on the size of the space and the size of the tables.

Each of the tables will require tablecloths, centerpieces and place settings. You might want to dress the chairs with coverings and ribbons too. From the ceiling, you can hang fairy lights, bunting, or garlands. The walls may also be decorated in the same way.

If you haven’t already chosen some music for your first dance, now is a good time to select it. You might choose a track that is special to you both, or you may choose something with meaningful lyrics. If you have live musicians, you will need a staging area for them to perform. A DJ and decks will also require some space.

Are you having a buffet? If so, a table for all the prepared food will be required. You will need a little extra space for used plates and glasses too. You can hire crockery and glassware, or maybe bring some of your own. Some dishes may require a hotplate. Make sure you have an electric supply nearby.

For a sit-down meal, you might want to hire a caterer and waiting staff. Alternatively, you may be able to prepare some of the food yourself with friends or family helping you out. The presentation is quite important at weddings. You want everything to look just right. Pick dishes that can be easily presented well.

Finally, you will need a small area to keep all the gifts that people will be bringing to the wedding. It is unusual for gifts to be opened during the reception. Another small table will be needed for presenting and cutting the wedding cake too.

Planning and hosting your own wedding means you stay in control of how your wedding looks. It’s an ideal way to be sure you get the wedding you want. Congratulations.

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