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Honey Works it’s Magic-Benefits Of Honey

Honey Works it’s Magic-Benefits Of Honey


For thousands of years, honey was a sign of wealth and considered a substance of deities. Now affordable for all and with all the mystical stuff gone, we still have to admit that nature does it best.

Elixir of Life
Egyptians used honey to embalm their dead. It’s not going to keep you looking 20 forever but the first clue as to why it was used can be found in the antioxidants. Honey contains mostly flavonoids which curb cellular decline. A study in 2002 by the School of Medicine of The Johns Hopkins University in Maryland even found a link between honey consumption and breast cancer prevention, but that is an embryonic hypothesis. Compared to other products like pomegranate, honey doesn’t have a huge amount of antioxidants but it has other benefits too.Benefits-Of-Honey

Household Cure
The most stunning properties of honey? Healing and antibacterial agents. Used since antiquity to cure wounds, it was even used to heal soldiers during both world wars. Today, medical science seems to be in a “back to basics” mood and several studies have recognized its healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s now used in some hospitals to heal burnt and wounded patients. Studies found that its tackiness, its low pH, and the hydrogen peroxide and formic acid it produces naturally have a big role in its favorable performance.

Furthermore, honey is useful for treating ulcers, digestive troubles such as diarrhea… For big stuff, ask your doctor first. Honey is also good to maintain beautiful skin, but not easy to use (a bit sticky). Better choose products already prepared.

30 The percentage of time that honey reduces elimination of alcohol from your bloodstream according to a 2005 study by the Department of Medical Biochemistry Delta State University in Nigeria. Honey makes a great cocktail, it also reduces the effects of alcohol by 4.4 percent.
Double Time Thyme honey can heal a wound 2 times faster than an ordinary dressing.
Golden Oldie Bees are an 85 million year-old species
200 The price of the most expensive honey on Earth. Jujube honey, produced in Yemen, can be worth $200 depending on its quality. This 24K honey is also said to be a surprising aphrodisiac.
80 Percentage of the amount of sugar in honey. It’s more or less 20 percent water.
1.5 The number in millions of tons of global honey production in 2009.

Since honey comes from flowers, its properties vary depending on the plant. Check out our cheat sheet. Remember, the darker the honey, the more antioxidants! Honey contains a lot of sugar and can also induce teeth decay so don’t forget to brush your teeth!

Make sure the wound is clean and dry. Apply a thin layer of honey. Cover it with a bandage. Redo the dressing two to three times a day until the wound is healed. If it dries and it’s hard to remove, simply wet it with warm water until it comes off. Thyme honey is suggested to be the most effective in this case.

Three times a day, take a big spoonful of honey with drops of lemon or vinegar. It will soothe your throat and release your bronchial tubes. Eucalyptus and pine honey are reportedly very good in this case.

By increasing secretions of serotonin and tryptophan- hormones involved in wellbeing and sleep, honey helps you get some rest. Have a glass of hot milk with a big spoonful of honey 30 minutes before bedtime. Orange blossom and lavender honey are very the best varieties for this.

Insider Tip
Better use a non-transformed honey. You can keep it 1 to 2 years, away from heat and light. If it’s not pasteurized, keep it in the fridge. The more liquid the texture the honey, the younger it is. As it gets older, it crystallizes and gets sweeter.

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