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Healthy Home: 5 Hidden Hazards that Could Be Making You and Your Family Sick

Healthy Home: 5 Hidden Hazards that Could Be Making You and Your Family Sick

The next time that your child starts coughing at home, you might stop and think twice before assuming there is another cold making its way around school. Even if you clean your house every week, vacuum the floors and check your smoke detectors, your family can still feel sick because of toxins in the air and on various surfaces around your house. Looking at the hidden hazards of your home can keep your family healthy.Healthy-Home-5-Hidden-Hazards-that-Could-Be-Making-You-and-Your-Family-Sick

  1. Carbon Monoxide

Dozens of items around the house can produce carbon monoxide, including fireplaces and damaged appliances. If your garage is close to your house or your home and garage share a doorway, carbon monoxide can even leak inside when you leave your car running. Using carbon monoxide detectors around your home can help you keep an eye on this hidden danger.

  1. Black Mold

Black mold is potentially fatal even in small doses. Mold thrives in environments with limited lighting and humid climates, including the spaces under your kitchen sink and in areas of your bathroom. Even if you can’t see the black mold, it can make you feel sick to your stomach and you might have breathing problems too.

  1. Water Damage

Anywhere you have water, you risk water damage. Air conditioners keep your home cool during the warmer months, but condensation leaking off the air conditioner can cause water damage. Water damage can also occur in your bathroom, kitchen and basement. That water damage can lead to mold or mildew that aggravates your lungs and harms those suffering from asthma and other medical conditions.

  1. Pet Problems

If you notice that someone in your family has breathing problems in one certain area of your home, you might take a look at your pets. Even the best trained pet can have a few accidents, and both dogs and cats tend to have those accidents in the same spot. Cleaning only removes the urine and feces that you see, but urine can drip deep into the carpet fibers. Many people have health problems because of the accidents their pets have.

  1. Dust and Debris

Don’t forget about the duct work in your home. Dust, allergens and debris can lodge in the ducts, causing coughing fits and breathing problems. With Arability heating and cooling services, your family can breathe a little easier. The professionals will clean your ducts and remove any debris trapped in those areas.

As much as you want to keep your family safe, you put their health on the line every day. Examining just a few hidden hazards in your home can increase the health of anyone living there.

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