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Health Side Effects of Green Tea for Body weight Loss- Health Tips

Health Side Effects of Green Tea for Body weight Loss- Health Tips


Green tea is complete of health advantages. It is great for your metabolic rate, reduces intake of fat, fights ageing, enhances skin situation and increases your immune system, allows weight control among a whole lot of good effect on your body. The side-effects of taking this herbal deal with show up only in situations of over usage. Green tea does consist of caffeine, which must be taken in restricted amount for drawing health advantages.Health Side Effects of Green Tea for Body weight Loss- Health Tips

Side effects of green tea on health because of caffeine material

Caffeine can negatively affect your heart as it reasons infrequent heart beat.
Blood glucose control may not be easy to accomplish with caffeine consumption. Diabetes patients need to observe their blood sugar if they wanna take green tea.
Diarrhoea can be complicated by green tea intake, especially in large amounts. In the same way irritable bowel problem can outcome due to overconsumption of green tea due to its caffeine material.
Depression, getting to sleep problems and wooziness are some other side-effects of caffeinated beverages.

Weak bones is a situation of damaged bones caused by lacking calcium content in the body. Green tea causes a drain on the body calcium source by eliminating it out via urine. Caffeine should be minimal to 300 mg per day, which you take with 2 to 3 glasses of green tea. You may need to make great your calcium reduction by taking calcium dietary supplements.

Some Other side-effects of the green tea on the human body health.

  •     Liver illness – Certain ingredients from green tea have been related with liver harm. Numerous people have been discovered to report liver harm due to supplements made from green tea ingredients. So, if you have a liver situation, think twice before taking this sip.
  •     Kidney damage – An acid recognized as oxalate found in green tea can harm your liver. Despite the fact that the damage is triggered after a lot of over intake takes place, but all the same, there is a threat.
  •     Allergies – Tanin and caffeinated drinks are some substances of green tea which are hypersensitive to some people. It can cause to skin ,skin rashes and hives.
  •     Glaucoma – The tension in the veins of the eyes is improved by consuming green tea. This can intensify your glaucoma. Such an result outcomes within half an hour and can last up to 90 moments.

Medications – There are a lot of medications that do not react more positively with green tea. You need to seek advice from your doctor before beginning green tea if you are on certain medicines such as clozapine, pain killers, lithium and others.

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