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A Guide To First Date Hair & Makeup

A Guide To First Date Hair & Makeup

First dates, they’re incredibly exciting but also extremely nerve-wracking. Be it with someone you know or a guy you’ve just met, you’re probably super nervous about your date. Every time you think about your upcoming date, your tummy fills with butterflies. What will you talk about? Will it be awkward? What if you hate each other? There are so many worries that come with first dates.A Guide To First Date Hair & Makeup

The biggest worry, of course, is what you should wear and how you should do your hair and makeup. We’ve already discussed first date outfits in a separate post, so today, we’re focusing on hair and makeup. First impressions are everything, so when it comes to your hair and makeup, it’s crucial that you get your look right.

For the perfect first date look, going romantic with your hair and makeup is ideal. You don’t want to look over-the-top; you want your hair and makeup to be pretty and natural looking. For the best ways to achieve a cute, romantic look, keep reading.

Get your hair right:

Romantic-style hair is all about creating a pretty, girly look; that’s not too over-the-top. Of course, the type of look that you go for will depend on your hair type and style. However, these ideas should hopefully give you a little inspiration for your date night hair. For date night hair, you can’t beat a relaxed up-do.

Something like a loose bun with wispy tendrils of hair to frame your face is perfect or a half-up, half-down style, can also work well. To give either of these looks extra elegance, use a curling iron to give your hair a gentle, subtle curl. If you don’t already have a curling iron, have a browse of this guide to the best clipless curling iron on the market.

Go for natural-looking skin:

We’re not saying go makeup-free, but for a first date, natural-looking skin is best. Caking on the foundation might boost your confidence, but it will make you look overly done up. Believe it or not, with natural makeup you can look and feel just as beautiful, it’s just a case of getting the natural look right.

After applying primer, instead of using a full coverage foundation opt for a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. This will help to smooth out and perfect your skin without being too heavy, like a foundation. Keep your blusher and bronzer natural – you can go without, but you may look a little too pale, and apply a small amount of highlighter. To ensure you look as natural as possible, make sure to blend evenly.

Make your eyes pop:

For a first date, big, beautiful eyes are a must. Keep your shadow nude – beiges, tans, and rose-hued shadows are ideal and make sure to blend out carefully. Using eyebrow pencil or wax and powder fill your brows. Then, highlight underneath them using a natural-looking highlighter. For this, ideally, a cream-based highlighter is best.

Instead of opting for a cat eye, go for a more natural eyeliner look. Using a kohl pencil, line your lower waterline and gently blend in using a shadow blending brush. This will ensure that the line looks natural and not too harsh.

Keep your lips neutral:

While bright, bold lips can look beautiful, for a first date bold lips and eyes can be too much. Instead of using a bright lipstick, opt for something more nude-based and natural-looking. This will help to give your makeup that natural, romantic look. Plus, should you and your date share a kiss, it won’t stain his lips.There you have it, everything that you need to know about achieving beautiful, first date hair and makeup.

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