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Guid for Healthy Fasting – Ramadan Foods and Drinks

Guid for Healthy Fasting – Ramadan Foods and Drinks

A guide to healthy fasting recommends you the useful tips on how to avoid very common problems in the month of Ramadan.The fast of Ramadan is rigorous and tough, particularly during long summer sunny days when it may be required to resist all food and drink for as many as sixteen to seventeen hours at a time. This routine may be too much for people with certain health conditions. During the Holy month of Ramadan our diet plan should be simple and it should not be differ very much from our normal routine. In this way you can maintain your health and weight. It would enable one to fast comfortably and enjoy the spiritual benefits of Ramadan. So follow the below given tips and tricks to make your fasts routine healthy.

Consume slow digesting food in Ramadan

Well balanced food should be eaten in RamadanGuid for Healthy Fasting – Ramadan Foods and Drinks

In view of the long hours of fasting in the month of July we should consume low digesting food including fiber and rich nutrients containing food rather than fast digesting food. It would be very effective in the tough routine of Ramadan because fast digesting food last for only 3 to 4 hours while fast digesting food last for only 3 to 4 hours. Slow digesting food s contain grains and seeds like wheat, oats, beans, whole meal flour and rice while the fast burning foods contain sugar and white flour. You should eat fiber containing food like vegetables, green peas, grains, spinach, and beetroot.

You can also take dry fruits like dry apricots, figs and almonds. The diet plan for the month of Ramadan should be well balanced and containing food from each group like fruits, vegetables, meat, cereals and dairy products. Fried foods are very unhealthy because they cause indigestion, weight problem and heart and stomach burn. Avoid too much tea Sehri because tea makes you pass more urine and it taking mineral salts with it you’re your body would need during the day.

Drinks for Ramadan

Drink as much water as you between Iftar and bed time

Drink as much water as you between Iftar and bed time. In this way your body will be hydrated and may adjust the levels of fluids.

Use of Multi vitamins in Ramadan

You can maintain your health through artificial nutrients

To maintain your health you can take some artificial vitamins and calcium in Sehri. You can use calcium tablets with water which are available in different flavors. Vitamin and iron capsules are also very good for the people who cannot bear appetite and dehydration.

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