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Five Grooming Tips For Men Women Love

Five Grooming Tips For Men Women Love

Grooming habits for men have varied greatly over the years. Trends change and styles emerge that help men look unique and at their best. If a guy’s goal is to catch the eyes of the ladies, there are five grooming tips that will help ensure that a man will turn a few heads or place a smile on a woman’s face.Five Grooming Tips For Men Women Love

    1. Keep Your Hair Trimmed

Some women can spot when a man has taken extra time and care to trim off unsightly hair. It’s basic, but it can make a big difference when a guy trims his nose hairs, eyebrows, ears and neck. Inexpensive and a handy tool, nose hair clippers should be added to a man’s arsenal of grooming supplies. For eyebrows, a simple session of tweezing will pluck out unwanted hairs between each eyebrow, and those pesky neck hairs can be taken right off by a barber when getting a haircut.

    1. Keep Those Pearly Whites Clean

A guy has one set of teeth and really should take care of them. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. While every man doesn’t have exactly straight or bright white teeth, cleaning them daily is essential for good health and an attractive smile. Stuck food or plaque can create bad breath, is unsightly and probably a turnoff for most women.

    1. Face Cleansing and Shaving

Every man has a different style and look that they create with their face. Beards or goatees can be attractive when they are styled right and can portray a fun, serious or distinguished personality. They should be trimmed so that they keep their shape and don’t become unruly. For gentlemen that prefer a clean-shaven look, buy razor blades that create a sharp, close cut and are gentle on the skin. Small amounts of facial soap can be used to clean up pores and wash away leftover hair.

    1. Easy with the Cologne

Fragrances can add a personal touch to a man’s persona but should be used with discretion. A slight whiff of a manly cologne will catch the attention of a woman and raise a level of intrigue. There’s no need to lather it on: applying a drop or two will do just fine.

    1. Freshen Up

On the other spectrum, a man’s natural scent will attract women and pique their interest. This obviously can get out of control though, and it’s suggested that less is more in this area too. During hot summer months, it’s best to keep an extra deodorant handy when lounging around the pool or participating in an outdoor activity.

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