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Free Birth Control Implants Reduce Chances of Teens Pregnancy

Free Birth Control Implants Reduce Chances of Teens Pregnancy

Giving teens with free birth control method dramatically reduces their chances of unintentional pregnancy, a new research shows.

On common, almost 16 % of sexually experienced women teens will get pregnant in a given year, but fewer than 4 % of the teens who acquired free birth control method did in the new research.Free Birth Control Implants Reduce Chances of Teens Pregnancy

 Birth Control Implants Reduce Teens Pregnancy Rate :

The experts also found that when provided a choice of methods, almost three quarters of younger women in the study select an intrauterine device (IUD) or hormone implant for birth control. The United states Academy of Pediatrics just lately endorsed these long-acting forms of birth control as the best birth control pill methods for teenagers and adolescents.

“IUDs and implants are only made use of by most likely less than 5 % of teenagers nationwide,” said Dr. Jeffrey Peipert of California University School of Medicine in St. Louis, who co-authored the new research. “We were amazed at how generally chosen these methods were that was surprising to us.”

More than 9,000 females ages 14 to 45 taken part in the study, known as the Birth control pill Selection Project. Members obtained counseling about birth control methods that emphasized the long-acting methods, which have been confirmed to be most efficient. The females were then given their birth control pill of choice, free of charge, and followed for two to three years.

The new review concentrates on the 1,404 study members who were 15 to 19 years old, 72 % of whom select an IUD or implant. On regular, during the study interval, the yearly rate of pregnant state was 3.4 %, versus 15.9 % among this age group in the general human population.

Throughout the study, an regular of 1.9 % of the study members gave birth yearly, versus 9.4 % of teens in the common population. The annually rate of abortions was less than 1 % for teens in the study, versus 4 % for teens over-all.

Gain access to to long-acting contraceptive methods in the USA is “spotty” at best. Many females — and even many physicians — do not know that these methods are safe for teenagers and young ladies, he said, and many health care services are not properly trained in how to utilization them.

One more big hurdle is cost, Peipert said. “These methods can charge up to $700 for the device by itself, and then placement costs can quickly put it over $1,000,” he mentioned.

Despite the fact that this is much costly than getting condoms at the drug store or buying a packet of birth control pills, the information are that long-acting techniques can be used for various years, that they are more efficient and that women are more probably to keep using them. All of this indicates that they wind up becoming more cost-effective.

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