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Everything You Need To Create The Perfect Bridal Outfit

Everything You Need To Create The Perfect Bridal Outfit

 When it comes to wedding fashion, you want to have it all. The most incredible dress, with an amazing bouquet to match, is pretty high on any girl’s wedding wish list. Still, we usually have a wedding budget to stick to, and there are plenty more wedding essentials to pay for. Here we give you the pros and cons of each of the key components of a bride’s outfit, to help you to decide where to splash your wedding cash:Everything You Need To Create The Perfect Bridal Outfit

Bespoke Designer Dress

Pros – Nobody will ever have seen a dress quite like it. It will be designed to suit your face and figure, as well as showing off your tastes in wedding dresses.

Cons – Expensive and time consuming. It takes time to design it and even longer to make it. There is a chance you won’t be entirely happy with the finished product.

Off The Peg Dress

Pros – This is a cheaper way of buying a dress than designing. You can even hire the dress to save more cash. You can try on lots of different dresses and take home the one you looked best in.

Cons – Your dress might not be unique. As a hired dress, other girls may have worn it before you. You may have to settle for a dress that doesn’t quite match your ideal wedding dress vision.

Hair Accessories

Pros – A tiara or ornate hair clip can keep your locks under control for the day. They dress your hair up beautifully to help you stand out even more. Bridal hair accessories complete the look of any up-do.

Cons – Your choice of veil may hide the hair accessories. You may not want to have a veil in your hair as well.

Fresh Flower Bouquet

 Pros – A fresh flower bouquet looks beautiful and can fill the air around you with a gorgeous, sweet scent. The same flowers can be used for bridesmaids, buttonholes and even centre pieces.

Cons – They can be incredibly fragile. Some people may have allergies. They are more expensive than silk flower arrangements. You might be restricted to designs from the florist’s folio rather than have your own design.


Pros – This item of lingerie is considered a tradition. Wearing a blue one is thought to bring extra luck to your marriage. They are a great surprise for your husband!

Cons – Some girls may consider this tradition outdated. It can be uncomfortable to wear, so it might only be put on later in the day.

Bridal Jewellery

Pros – Earrings and necklaces help frame your face. They add extra brilliance to your appearance.

Cons – Not every girl enjoys wearing the traditional pearls for wedding jewellery. Both necklaces and earrings can get caught easily in the veil.

There are so many wedding expenses. You can understand why many brides are left with dilemmas when it comes to choosing their outfits and accessories. It is often best to put together a scrapbook of looks you are trying to achieve. You can then list what you might need to recreate it. Sometimes a list can be used to help you prioritise what you want. Enjoy your special day.

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