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Things to Consider Before Egg Donation

Things to Consider Before Egg Donation

If you’re contemplating becoming an egg donor Australia, it’s essential that you give careful consideration to the decision and all that comes with it.  Here are some questions to ask yourself before you begin the process of egg donation Australia:

Egg DonationAre you comfortable self-administering injections?  

In order to prepare your body for egg retrieval you must take harmonies that are administered by injection.  Although the needles are small, some people become tense when confronted with this prospect, others get downright ill at the thought.  So you should definitely be aware that this is part of the process before you make a final decision.  And if you think one shot is bad, how about two?  Yes, that’s right.  Sometimes the routine requires more than one shot a day.  The fertility treatment normally lasts for two weeks.

Do you have a support system?

You should have the approval and support of at least one person you’re close to for this procedure of egg donation Australia.  Having a committed person by your side who provides you with encouragement, and the emotional and physical support that you might not be even aware you need, is critical for a successful experience.

If you have a partner, would he or she be willing to undergo the mandatory psychological and medical screenings?

Things to Consider Before Egg Donation
As part of the screening process for you to become an egg donor Australia, your partner will be tested for STIs and HIV.  A psychological screening is also administered, to establish that he or she understands exactly what’s involved and is supportive of your decision.

Is your schedule flexible?

From the very beginning with the medical screening to the local monitoring visits, which include blood tests and ultrasounds, you are required to attend several appointments.  You have to be flexible about dates and times because the IVF cycle is time sensitive.

Are you able to make a long term commitment?

It’s widely believed that egg donation is a fast way to make money, but nothing could be further from the truth.  By the time you apply, pass screening, get matched with IPs, and go through the donor cycle, several months will have passed.  Also remember that the match time is different for everyone.

Are you OK with possibly abstaining from sex during the donor cycle?

When you are undergoing treatment, the medications make you extremely fertile.  The likelihood of getting pregnant rises but so does the chance of a multiple pregnancy, for example, twins or triplets. Your egg donor agreement will outline the terms of your celibacy agreement.

Are you able to access detailed family and personal medical histories?

For it to be possible to go ahead with the egg donation process, you are asked to provide your full medical history.  If you are adopted but have access to this information then you can still apply.

Egg donation is offering the precious gift of a child to couples who cannot have children.  Yes, the financial compensation is substantial, but you don’t want to use that as your exclusive motive for donating your eggs.  Asking yourself the above questions, and exploring your reasons for wanting to do this can give you a better idea of whether or not egg donation is right for you.

Biography:  Jake Hyet is considered an expert on egg donation Australia and egg donors Australia, having worked in the medical field specializing in fertility for the past decade.  He has written extensively on both topics and his work is widely respected.

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