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Effective Online Dating

Effective Online Dating

 The increase of online dating sites has made the process of qualifying potential customers quick and efficient. This can be both a bad and good thing. When one starts to use online dating sites he can quickly find themselves deluged with emails and interested parties. To avoid moving too quickly or becoming overloaded with conversations with people who are not your “match” use a good model for screening and qualifying dates. This will help save onetime, money and spare one drawn out long dates with individuals one know are not a fit in the first 5 minutes.Effective Online Dating

Effective Online Dating :

Don’t lie on your profile (tall claims, pictures from 10 lbs ago, etc.) The online dating process works best if one is honest. One can pretend he is something he is not and he will soon find himself juggling a maze lies. Put the real one out there and trust the process.

One can often be exchanging at least 3 emails before speaking on the phone. Ask questions that show more details as the conversation continues. Offer some insight in to yourself also. Don’t hide potential deal killers- I am married, I have kids, I live abroad, I am in prison. Be suspicious of vague and short responses.

Ask for pictures after about three preferably detailed emails are exchanged. However the more of that, the better. Anyone can take one great picture and become one top reckon with.

If one are still interested one are now ready to move to a phone conversation. Ask for their number. Many things can be revealed over the phone. The lack of time available to craft an email is eliminated. One now see how the person responds to questions and conversations on the fly. If voice is important to you, one now have another piece of the puzzle.

Once one have exchanged emails, photos, and spoken on the phone one can now consider a face to face date. I suggest meeting for drinks in an intimate, but not overly romantic or dark setting, at a venue where drinks can easily be extended to dinner.

This provides the invaluable options of having one drink and ending the date without appearing rude or extending a date to multiple drinks or dinner if things go well. Furthermore, one can manage time and cost spent till such time as one confirms that he really want to spend more time with the person. Many active daters finds themselves spending a lot of cash a month on dates with people they have no interest in seeing any time.

Thus, one should avoid wasting time writing to individuals who have been inactive on the online dating site for more than 2-3 weeks. Generally they are off the market or no longer active on the site.

However attractive females mostly get inundated with emails. Thus, there is no need of wasting time “winking” or using the many online dating tolls which are offered in the sites. Spend the time to read the person’s profile and write a clever email that references something in their profile.

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