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The Do-Good Side of Plastic Surgery

The Do-Good Side of Plastic Surgery

 Although most people think about plastic surgery for purely cosmetic reasons, many people need it to resolve health and body issues that affect their lifestyle. Birth defects, accidents and even pregnancy and childbirth can leave you with a body problem that only plastic surgery can repair.The Do-Good Side of Plastic Surgery

Pregnancy and Childbirth:

The natural process of bringing a child into this world can take quite a toll on the body for some women. Aside from excess weight gain, stretch marks, newly found wrinkles, and sometimes excess skin that weren’t there before the pregnancy can really hurt one’s body image and can be a contribution to post-partum depression. Extreme cases like Kate Gosselin’s post pregnancy belly can happen to many women, whether they’re bearing one child, or in Kate’s case, eight!

Surgeon experts have found that surgeries that specifically aim for mommy makeover body sculpting are a great way to repair those body problems and restore your body image. In addition to pregnancy and childbirth, disease, accidents and birth defects can cause problems with health and body image that can be helped with plastic surgery procedures.

Breast Augmentation:

Although the most common reason for breast augmentation surgery is cosmetic breast enlargement, it can help with sagging or unflattering changes in breasts after childbirth. It’s also common today for patients that previously underwent mastectomies from having breast cancer.  After breast cancer, many women receive breast implants during reconstruction plastic surgery. Any woman who’s been diagnosed with breast cancer and received a mastectomy, surgical removal of one or both breasts, can benefit physically and emotionally from breast augmentation surgery that restores the breasts to a normal, feminine body feature.

Breast Reduction:

Although many women would argue they desire larger breasts, if they are too large the simplest tasks can cause discomfort and pain can erupt in the lower back. You can experience constant pain in your neck, shoulders, back and spine and develop skin irritation or rashes under your breasts from too much skin. Breast reduction surgery can eliminate the discomfort and distorted body image that causes lifestyle problems.


According to sources, 80% of the population has a deviated septum, the medical term for a condition where the center cartilage in the nose is misaligned. It can be caused by a birth defect or broken nose from an accident resulting in headaches, chronic sinusitis, sinus infections and snoring. To repair a deviated septum, a plastic surgeon performs a septoplasty to straighten the nasal cartilage and restore normal breathing.

Whether you choose a mommy makeover procedure after pregnancy and childbirth, or you need to resolve a different type of health problem, plastic surgery offers a good way to rebuild a flattering body image. It’s not just a frivolous means to aesthetic solutions, it can literally help you live a normal life again.

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