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DIY: Give Your Man the Smoothest Skin that You Have Ever Felt

DIY: Give Your Man the Smoothest Skin that You Have Ever Felt

Giving your man soft skin is important for general skincare and maintenance of facial hair. Shaving is a big deal for most men, and getting soft skin is important for the women in their lives. Scratchy stubble is downright painful, and no one wants to be kissed with a face full of stubble. Here is how you can give your man the smoothest skin you have ever felt.Give Your Man the Smoothest Skin that You Have Ever Felt


    1. Step One: Buy The Right Tools

The Art Of Shaving is the perfect place to get the right tools for shaving. Shop here to get brushes, creams, aftershaves and razors that will enhance the shaving experience. You can buy an entire kit and have everything you need for soft and supple skin in no time. Cheaper kits aren’t worth the cost, and they can be damaging to the skin.

    1. Step Two: Prep The Skin

Prep the skin by scrubbing it and washing it. A clean face is a happy face. Your husband can do this himself or you can do it to treat him. Massage the face and neck in circular motions to get all of the dead skin off. This will also increase blood flow to the area.

    1. Step Three: Apply Shave Cream

Shave cream, gel or oil can be applied using a shaving brush. The brush helps get the product into the skin nice and deeply. Once you have successfully applied the product, you can move towards the next step.

    1. Step Four: Start Shaving


Using a sharp and professional razor, you can start shaving. Start with the neck and work in motions that are straight and sleek. This will prevent awkward hair growth from happening. A proper shave is important so that your man can avoid random hairs sticking out.

    1. Step Five: Edge

The edges of the shave is what makes the look complete. You want the edges to be straight, smooth and soft. Edge along the cheek bones, jawline and chin for the best look. A sharp shave ends with this very important step.

    1. Step Six: Treat And Condition

Aftershave is for conditioning and treating the skin. Aftershave will provide the softest feeling face you have ever touched. A quality aftershave is where it’s at, and you want it to be the best there is.

It’s easy to get a soft shave at home, and it doesn’t take as much work as you would think. Start slowly and practice. By getting the right products and helping your man to shave properly, you will have the man with the softest skin around.

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