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Computer system vision syndrome and eyes care

Computer system vision syndrome and eyes care

Eye stress and vision issues due to laptop or computer usage are no longer unique to the working course. The net has cast its spell with its several public networking websites, online games and a variety of other magic products that are a formula for problems as far as your valuable eyes are worried.Computer system vision syndrome and eyes care

Doctor Tarun Kapoor, ophthalmologist, Rockland Medical center, says “Computer vision syndrome is known to an range of short-term eye issues that can be experienced while in or after laptop or computer use.”

“People who work on computers for an continuous span of time can experience vision or eye issues ,” adds Kapoor.

Signs of Computer system vision syndrome

• Eyes pain
• Headaches
• Gloomy vision
• Burning feeling in eyes
• Red, dry or upset eyes
• Color sensitivity
• General fatigue
• Pain in the neck, shoulder or back area

Avoidance of Computer vision syndrome

Computers are essential to our daily life therefore one must deal with vision issues with appropriate actions.

Doctor. Parul M. Sharma, Senior Professional Eyes Surgeon at Max Medical center gives us following steps to decrease eyestrain:

• Laptop or computer screen should be at minimum 20 to 30 inches away from your eye while the tv should be watched at a long distance of 3.5 meters.
• Organize the monitor so that the top line of on-screen text is at eyes level. Set up brightness and contrast to minimize glare and insights.
• Keep in mind to blink often while performing on a computer. Most of the times, one instinctively blinks less regularly in a bid to focus more. Flashing is important as it coats the eye’s surface area with a tear/moisture film thereby avoiding dryness. One should knowingly make blinking a normal exercise while operating on a computer.
• Take consistent vision breaks to rest your eye, close your eyes for few moments every 10-15 mins. This also revitalizes your tear film which in any other case gets compromised due to reduced blinking rate.
• You can ask the doctor to recommend a safe lubricating eye drop if the eyes feel dry and scratchy.
• The lighting around your work desk should be appropriate to prevent eye strain. Light should not reflect off your monitor and the source of light should be from behind where you sit.
• Computer ergonomics should be heeded to. The monitor should not be too high or low for the eyes to concentrate on. The computer display should be at a affordable range.

Eye workouts can also help to decrease eye anxiety and make the eye muscle tissue relax.

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