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Christmas Nail Art Fashion Trends – How to Make Christmas Tree on Nails

Christmas Nail Art Fashion Trends – How to Make Christmas Tree on Nails

Second on the Christmas Nail Art Fashion Trends plan is the traditional Christmas shrub. Now, there are a few methods to go about developing a small Xmas shrub on your claws. You can take the simple, subjective path like I did with the vacation lighting in last week’s guide, or go for genuine. For this guide, I made the decision to go with the latter.Christmas-Nail-Art-Fashion-Trends-How-to-Make-Christmas-Tree-on-Nails

I discovered a number of different methods to make Xmas shrub fingernail art, and defined them below. Study on to understand how to make your own holiday-themed fingernail art!

Phase 1:

To start, you will want to colour all of your claws your preferred platform shade. I decided for one light-colored feature fingernail, then coloured the rest of my claws a deeper colour. However, you can do whatever you want for this method.Christmas-Nail-Art-Fashion-Trends-How-to-Make-Christmas-Tree-on-Nails

I’ve found two different ways to make the Xmas shrub, and will show you each strategy below:

Dotting Tool/Decal Technique-Step 2:

The first one includes using a large covering device to get the selected shape. I did this on a nasty food bag, just like you would when making DIY Stickers. This makes it a little easier on a smooth working area than on your fingernail, but you can dot straight on your fingernail if you are relaxed.Christmas-Nail-Art-Fashion-Trends-How-to-Make-Christmas-Tree-on-Nails

Using a huge covering device, take a nice amount of enhance and dot in a triangular in form contour around make the top. Then keep proceed the triangular in form shape by including series of spots to the end. You can quit when you get the right dimension – I find that around four collections is perfect.

The shrub on the end right was done with a compact sized covering device, which reveals that you can really select whatever dimension performs for you. Also, you can either ‘decorate’ the shrub before placing it on your fingernail or do so after you place it on your fingernail. Make sure to let the sticker dry completely before trying to remove it off.Christmas-Nail-Art-Fashion-Trends-How-to-Make-Christmas-Tree-on-Nails

If you select to do the shrub this way, you can go forward and miss down to phase 4 for some designing fun!

Tape Technique – Step 2:

The second technique includes using the ridged part of a item of record to make a shrub. This is a lot simpler and quicker to do than the past technique, but requires a bit more proper care when shedding off.

First off, take two pieces of tape – make sure the ridged edge is clean and straight (meaning, consistent zigzags). Tape it on your hand a few times to remove excess stickiness, then place it on your nail to outline a triangle. Smooth the edge down and make sure there aren’t any gaps.Christmas-Nail-Art-Fashion-Trends-How-to-Make-Christmas-Tree-on-Nails

This part is optional, but I put a straight edge on the bottom to complete the outline, just to get a more precise shape.

Tape Technique – Step 3:

Paint the nail with a green polish, making sure to get all the spaces where the tape intersects. If your polish is too wet, it would be best to wait a few seconds before peeling the tape off, to prevent any running.

When you peel the tape off, do so carefully. I found that to better preserve the zigzag area, peel the tape off so that the ridged part is the last to come off, instead of peeling it off from one side of the triangle to the other. Be careful on this part!.
Step 4:
Now comes the easy part – decorating! I carefully added blue dots with a small dotting tool around the tree.

After that, I went for the red dots. Feel free to paint on whatever decorations you choose, including tinsel, if you have nail art brushes or stripers!Christmas-Nail-Art-Fashion-Trends-How-to-Make-Christmas-Tree-on-Nails
Christmas tree nail art step 5

For the tree topper, I took a glitter polish with larger glitter and dotted some on a piece of paper. I then took a dotting tool with a fine tip and fished out the larger chunks of glitter to place on the top of the tree.

This part is also optional, but I chose to add a layer of fine glitter before the top coat, just to add some sparkle. Of course, after this is done, seal the design with a top coat!I hope you guys found this tutorial useful, Happy Holidays! (And to those who are facing exams next week – good luck!!)

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