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Can Your Relationship Survive Long Distance?

Can Your Relationship Survive Long Distance?

 Sometimes in life, for reasons that are often out of our control, we have to spend extended periods of time away from our partners. It may be because of work reasons, or perhaps as the result of a family crisis. Whatever the reason might be, trying to maintain a happy relationship when you’re miles apart can be incredibly difficult. It presents both you and your partner with many questions. Is it worth trying to make it work, or would it just be easier to both go your separate ways? Well, if you’re finding yourself asking those very questions, this article is here to help you find the answers.Can Your Relationship Survive Long Distance?

Why is the Relationship Worth Fighting For?

Make a pros and cons list about everything you like and don’t like about your relationship. If you’re unsure about how you truly feel, it’s a good way of getting to grips with what you’ll be giving up should you choose to end things. Remember, there are good reasons for staying together and there are bad reasons. So, if your pro list consists of ‘staying together is better than being alone’, then it’s time to face the reality that this relationship isn’t worth continuing.

Can You See a Future Together?

There’s no denying that even when two people are passionately in love, long-distance relationships can be fraught with obstacles. They can be emotionally draining even for the most resilient of people. It’s a little like making a long-term investment. You have to weigh up what it will cost you in the short-term against what you gain in the long-term. Of course, when it comes to love, as with so much else in life, there can be no guarantees. However, if you’re as certain as you can be that your future includes your current partner, then you have to be willing to work towards it.

Does Absence Make Your Heart Grow Fonder?

Sometimes, when we’re in a romantic relationship, we get used to being with someone so much, that we don’t stop to question the strength of our feelings. The fact is that whilst you may have been passionately in love with your partner two years ago, you may not feel the same way now. People change and feelings change. Sometimes, spending time apart allows people to re-evaluate their feelings. Then they discover that actually the relationship has reached its natural conclusion.

So, when spending time apart from your partner, ask yourself these very simple questions – do you miss him? Just as importantly, does he appear to miss you? Do you both make equal effort to stay in touch? There’s no secret to how to make him miss you like crazy, or how to make you miss him just as much in return. If your relationship and feelings for each other are strong enough, it won’t matter how many miles are separating you both.

The most important thing you need to remember is to be brave enough to be honest with yourself. Your heart already knows the answer to whether your relationship can survive long-distance. You just have to brave enough to listen to the answer.

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