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The BIG Reasons to Quit Smoking

The BIG Reasons to Quit Smoking

Benefits Of Quit Smoking :

Quitting smoking can have many benefits for your everyday life and long term health; you reduce your risk of lung cancer and heart disease, and improve your circulation and general breathing. Your fertility levels can also improve as you come off smoking, making it easier to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. Getting back to a normal lung capacity can also help you to exercise more regularly and without as much strain as when you’re smoking.

When you stop smoking, you can enhance your appearance and relationships with others. Smoking causes stained teeth and bad breath, and can increase your risk of contracting gum disease. Asthma and heavy breathing can similarly be reduced or cut out, while quitting smoking can help to relieve stomach and bladder problems, as well as issues with your skin ageing more rapidly due to the presence of toxins from cigarettes.

Stopping smoking can similarly enhance your sex life by enhancing blood flow and fertility, and can translate into a better capacity for exercise and endurance tests. Once you come off smoking, you’re more likely to have reduced stress levels, and can benefit from a stronger immune system, as well as less headaches and fatigue as the result of regular smoking. Withdrawal symptoms may be initially tough to deal with, but lead to long term benefits.

It’s also possible to enjoy lifestyle improvements as the result of quitting smoking; you save significant amounts of money if you were previously a heavy smoker, and don’t have to worry about being unsociable as the result of secondhand smoking. Fire risks around your home are also reduced, while you can enjoy a better relationship with your children through not having to avoid them while smoking – – or conversely, not putting their health at risk through your habit.

To be serious about quitting smoking, you need to look at a wide range of different quitting methods; these can include everything from patches to medication, as well as electronic cigarettes and other substitutes. Your aim should be to gradually work your way through to a solution that you can stick to and make into a new habit. Speak to your GP about quitting options, and explore the options available at online pharmacies to see which kinds of treatments are best suited to your needs.

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