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Before You Buy Clindamycin Gel, Learn Some Real Facts About It


OKDERMO is right now one of the most renowned and authentic names in the skin treatment industry. It is selling the best quality and safest skin care and skin treatment products. The company makes sure that its each and every product or medicine is tested first before it goes to the patients. So it is safe to buy any skin related medicine from OKDERMO.

Skin infections like acne, are very common on the skin of people living in different regions of the world. But, thanks to our fate that we are a part of that generation, which is blessed to have the best of all type of medications, especially if it is about common skin problems like acne. For acne, what more can suit you other than clindamycin gel. Yes, you just buy clindamycin gel for the treatment of acne.

Let’s check out the details of this amazingly effective gel.

How to use clindamycin gel?

The best way to find out its usage is to check the leaflet that you will find inside the packing.

First of all, wash your hands properly before applying the gel. Now, clean the affected area with any mild soap. Pat dry it gently. Take a small amount of gel which should be as less as the little green pea. Apply a thin layer evenly on the affected area. Just apply the gel, do not rub to dissolve it. Try not to contact with your eyes and lips. If there are cuts, wounds or sunburns on your skin, then never apply on that part. In case it goes in your eyes, then immediately rush and wash your hands and then eyes with clean water. If the irritation continues, then see your nearest doctor for medical help.

Usually it is applied once before you go to bed, but you can follow your doctor’s instructions.

It is only a topical gel, so never try to apply in your mouth or swallow it.

During its initial use, it may worsen the acne apparently, but do not be frightened, as it firsts starts working on acne from inside. Within just 2 to 3 weeks you are going to see a lot of improvement in the condition.

Strictly follow the doctor’s instructions. Using it more frequent will not cure the acne but will make it worse. So if it is said to be used once a day and in little amount on the affected area, then just mean it. Try to use it regular for at least 4 weeks to get visible results.

Side Effects

There are no known serious side effects of this medicine. During first 2 weeks of its usage you may see some minor side effects like swelling, redness or itching, but with continued application they will go away.

In case these side effects are not going away and are worsening, then discontinue the application of this gel and see your doctor. He may ask you to decrease the frequency of its application or may prescribe you to keep your skin fully moisturized with a mild and good quality moisturizer.


In case your skin is sensitive to clindamycin or the products containing Vitamin A then do tell this to your doctor.

In case you have any type of medical problem and you have been taking medications for it, then do tell this to your doctor so that he could prescribe you only if it is safe for you.

The application of this gel may make your skin little sensitive to sun. so, when using it, try to limit your sun exposure. In case it is very important to go out, then apply a good amount of best quality sunscreen on your skin.

All in all, just buy clindamycin and see your acne going within weeks.

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