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Why You Can’t Beat Handmade Jewellery

A true jewellery fan knows that you just can’t beat handmade pieces. They’re utterly timeless because of the unique way in which they have been created. Handmade jewellery is intensely personal and unique – it’s designed to fulfil only what was in the mind of its artisan creator at the time of its inception. It has no interest in fleeting moulds or trends, it doesn’t need to be what Jennifer Aniston is currently wearing or what Angelina Jolie is rocking to a film premiere. It just has to be beautiful and beautiful is what handmade jewellery absolutely is. Not only is a piece of handmade jewellery very eco-friendly and sustainable, it was created by somebody who loved crafting it. What more could you ask for from an accessory?

If you don’t yet own any handmade pieces but you’d like to start a collection – why not explore some of the superb eco-friendly jewellers out there on the market right now? You could end up with a new favourite piece. Here are just a few of the reasons why handmade jewellery, like that available from www.bahatirose.com  is unbeatable.


When it comes to quality, you don’t get better than handmade jewellery and there’s one very important reason for that. The highly skilled artisans who create handmade pieces do so because they love the artistic process of designing and creating jewellery. They make a conscious decision to hand craft their pieces, rather than allow their designs to be bought and sold by companies who will mass produce them. It isn’t half as lucrative as mass production would be but these artisans don’t much mind. They choose quality over quantity and, indeed, over profit, says Yahoo Voices journalist Carol Rucker. As a result, their products are sustainable, eco-friendly and of an extremely high quality.


Unsurprisingly, this tends to be the biggest draw for fans of handmade jewellery. There’s nothing more special than wearing a statement necklace or bracelet that you know is the only one in existence, says blogging website PRLog.com. Surely, nothing makes a woman feel more special than knowing that she’s wearing a completely unique piece that’s unlike anything else in the world? It’s important to feel special and to feel like a rarity – all women should feel unique on a regular basis and handmade jewellery can do that. If you want value for money, you can’t get any better than a handmade piece.


All pieces of jewellery come with the potential to break but handmade jewellery actually tends to be a lot stronger than mass produced pieces. It is very difficult to break and even if you do manage to damage it somehow – it is much easier to repair than a high street piece would be. This is due to the fact that mass produced necklaces, bracelets and earrings tend to be made up of whole, mass produced parts. These parts cannot be separated, so if one part of a piece breaks, all of the parts break. In contrast, handmade pieces consist of separate links and features that can be manipulated or changed in order to fix a break.

Few people are aware of just how affordable handmade jewellery can be, says journalist and editor Lauren Ashley Lloyd. This is because it tends to occupy the middle ground between high fashion and high street fashion – there isn’t quite as big a market for bespoke jewellery as there is for designer clothes, handbags or shoes for example. This means that very few collections come with designer names attached to them. As a result, they’re a lot cheaper than you’d perhaps expect – especially considering their extremely high quality, unique nature and durability.

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