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Avoiding Ankle Sprains While Strutting in Your Pumps

Avoiding Ankle Sprains While Strutting in Your Pumps

 Women love pretty shoes. Women love ultra-high shoes. But this trend of sky high heels isn’t doing your ankles good or your health too.Avoiding Ankle Sprains While Strutting in Your Pumps

Athletes and sportsmen aren’t the only population that is prone to ankle sprains and related injuries, models too and even ordinary office people. And mostly, it happens to women who have the passion for stilettos which borders on being uncomfortable and disastrous.

All for Beauty and Fashion They Say

Calluses, corn, hard nuggets and keratin buildup are one of the minor problems that podiatrists point out from the wearing of heels. Painful inflammation of the joints, pinched nerves and tightening of the Achilles tendon are the major bad effects of your favorite pumps. But more painful though are sprains that your ankle may get from the heels.

Sprains can be gotten if you have accidentally skid after rushing for coffee, when you slip after going for the copy machine, when you slump and slammed down after you haven’t seen the ditch outside the malls parking lot. So many ways to sprain your legs, and in pumps, you only heighten your chance of getting it. Plus the footwear you are wearing is killing you due to its bad component and structure.

Avoiding Ankle Sprains in Heels

Halle Berry after spraining her ankles had spent 6-12 weeks recuperating. To add to it, you will be visiting your doctor for physical therapy, you might have a cast or you might be asked to use braces.

So here are some tips you can try to follow:

  1. Try lower heels. Instead of the 4 inched one, why not lower down to 2? And instead of going for the chunky heels, try on a stiletto, it will get the effect of slimming down that you can get from the 4 inches. Plus it’s lesser accident prone.

  2. Wear high heels only in much needed situations or occasions. You don’t need to go sky high when strolling in the park or watching a ball game.

  3. Personalize your shoes. Some shoes can be remodeled. Take it to your Pedorthist.

  4. When choosing shoes, choose comfort first before style. Your feet you will need for your whole life, your shoes will only last for a year or two.

  5. Exercise your legs and tone your leg muscles for strength. And after a day of heels, stretch out your feet.

  6. Slow down when walking; be extra careful in slick surfaces.

As simple sprain may only require ice packs and rest, but severer ones may ask you to do an operation especially if your ankles and feet are your major accessory in your work, for athletes and models.

Knowing what you can do and how you can avoid accidents help a lot. You won’t go tripping down a podiatrist or any sports doctor if you have learned prevention instead. But if you have already suffered from the hand of cruel pumps, then really see a doctor. A professional opinion is much important than some simple tips.

Author: Roselen is a health magazine editor and a sports/fitness blogger. Her focus is on sports injury and available Adelaide ankle sprain treatment options.

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