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Advantages of cotton over synthetic materials

Advantages of cotton over synthetic materials

Have you ever walked in a store and looked for a shirt that is 100% cotton? If you did, have you ever wondered why? Well, that’s because cotton is definitely one of the most pleasant and comfortable fabrics ever. Believe it or not, apart from being super-comfortable, cotton has numerous advantages when compared with other fabrics, especially synthetic ones. If you want to learn something more about it, check out these amazing facts!Advantages of cotton over synthetic materials

Natural vs. synthetic clothes

Theoretically, all fabrics are divided into two large groups- natural and synthetic. While natural fabrics are typically harvested from plants or animals, synthetic ones were invented in the 20th century as a result of numerous artificial procedures. If you are wondering: “Why would I buy more expensive, natural clothes if I can buy regular, synthetic ones that are a result of modern technology development?” The answer is pretty simple. Cotton, wool or bamboo clothing are more durable, comfortable and healthier that synthetic fabrics such as polyester or acrylic. Now, when the difference between the two is clear, we can proceed to the countless advantages of cotton.

Cotton is healthier and more comfortable

Did you know that synthetic clothes entail toxic substances that can cause numerous diseases, from annoying allergies to incurable cancer? If you aren’t sure how to tell the difference between synthetic and natural materials, you should take a look at labels on the clothes. If clothes are stain- resistant and wrinkle-free, they probably contain numerous synthetic substances. It is scientifically proven that women wearing synthetic clothes are more likely to double the risk for breast cancer.

On the contrary, cotton is completely breathable and natural. Since it doesn’t contain any toxic substances, it is highly recommended to people suffering from allergies or asthma. Cotton serves as a natural hypoallergenic, repels dust and hairs, prevents fungi from growing and doesn’t trap sweat. That’s exactly why almost all underwear, sportswear, pajamas and comfy T-shirts are made out of cotton. Doctors always recommend that babies and children should be dressed exclusively in cotton clothes. Such clothes are also highly suggested if you regularly work out. Cotton will keep your body dry and cool during the summer and act as a natural insulation during the winter, maintaining the warmth of your body.

Apart from being healthier, cotton is also more comfortable. Since its fibers are tightly spun in the yarn, cotton doesn’t cause annoying skin irritation, redness and scratching.

Cotton is more sustainable

If you are eco-conscious, you are probably familiar with all green characteristics of cotton. What makes it sustainable is the fact that, unlike synthetic materials, cotton doesn’t require high energy and crude oil use. Since cotton clothes are made out of plants, they can decompose fast, whereas synthetic clothes made out of plastic aren’t biodegradable.

Furthermore, you can also tell the difference between regular and organic cotton. The term “organic clothes” refers to clothes made out of fabrics that are in accordance with organic agricultural standards. They are made out of natural materials that are not chemically treated. On the other hand, regular cotton clothing is usually treated with numerous poisonous chemicals, such as herbicides and pesticides. Apart from harming our health, such substances will permanently damage the soil fertility.

Cotton is an economic choice

Apart from all advantages of cotton concerning health and eco-consciousness, cotton will also help you save a lot of money for several reasons. Firstly, since it is really available to manufacturers, it is quite affordable. The choices of cotton garment vary, from really cheap to extremely expensive, depending on their quality and the sole brand.

Numerous researches have proven that 100% cotton clothes last longer than synthetic ones. Synthetic clothes begin to break down really fast, especially if they’re washed frequently. On the other hand, cotton clothing can last a lifetime. Therefore, you should consider buying cotton clothes a long-term investment.

As you can see, cotton has numerous benefits for both us and our environment. Since it is biodegradable, it is an eco-friendly fabrics that will help you participate in making Earth healthier place. Buying cotton clothes, you won’t have to spend a fortune on revamping your closet every few weeks for such pieces will last forever. Most important of all, it will boost the life of your entire family. Wearing cotton, your children won’t be at risk of getting asthma or other severe diseases. Learning these facts, even skeptics would change their mind and start wearing cotton clothes.

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