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5 Ways To Annoy People With Your New Relationship

5 Ways To Annoy People With Your New Relationship

 So, you’re in a new relationship, and you couldn’t be happier, right? One of the biggest mistakes people make when the first get with someone is that they start to annoy people. Your new love might feel special to you (and it is), but not everyone is as loved up as you. The last thing you want to do is irritate your friends. If you end up screwing up the relationship, you will need them by your side! Here are five ways to annoy people with your new relationship. Hint: Don’t do any of them!5 Ways To Annoy People With Your New Relationship
  1. Talk about your other half (all the time!)

When you’re in a relationship, it’s normal that you’d want to talk about it. Sure, it’s fine to tell your friends about your new guy or girl, but don’t go too far. If every sentence has his or her name in it, there is a problem. Sometimes, love can make you blind. You don’t want people to think that you only care about your partner, and so you need to cut it out.

  1. Write soppy Facebook comments

When you first say “I love you,” you might want everyone to know about it. The last thing you should do, though, is write soppy comments about it on Facebook. Love is a personal thing. People don’t want to read about it on your Facebook wall. Avoid these comments and send them as texts instead. It is more special to send personal messages to people than to plaster it all over the net.

  1. Get matching tattoos

Not all love lasts forever, but matching tattoos do. There may come a point when one of you suggests that you get tattoos to seal your love. Don’t do it. Not only will you annoy the hell out of everyone with this idea, but it could also be a massive mistake. Why not stick to temporary tattoos instead? Then, you can show that you love each other, without it leaving a lasting scar.

  1. Tell people they will “find someone one day”

If you have single friends, you need to be careful about what you say to them. There is nothing more patronizing than telling someone that their time will come. When you turn around to a friend and say “you’ll find someone one day,” they hear “you are a loser.” You need to remember two things. First of all, not everyone wants a relationship. Second of all, if they do, they don’t need your words of wisdom to get one.

  1. Go overboard with public displays of affection

Public displays of affection are the worst. Sure, you might feel as though you want to jump on your new love every time you get a chance, but have some decency. Try to keep these romantic outbursts as low as possible. That way, your friends will still want to hang out with you in public. When you’re in love, it can be hard to imagine that your happiness could annoy others. You don’t have to stop enjoying your new relationship. Just try not to rub it in everyone’s face.

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