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5 Tips on Planning the Ultimate Coming-of-Age Party

5 Tips on Planning the Ultimate Coming-of-Age Party

 Everyone must be so excited to become “of age.” This means literally freedom! When you are 18, the society tends to look at you more as a matured adult rather than a child who has to be very dependent on parental support. In this article, let us discuss some tips on how to plan your ultimate coming-of-age party. This celebration does not need to be too grand to become memorable and decent. It all takes a good planning and wise decisions to make it successful and at the same time, easy on the wallet.5 Tips on Planning the Ultimate Coming-of-Age Party


1. Count Your Guests

Regardless if you have a large budget to burn or a limited one, you have to count the number of guests you will want to attend your party. You may decide to consider your maternal and paternal relatives since these people are the ones who have seen how you have grown up through the years. Next, choose who among your friends are worth to invite. Some people only decide to invite their closest friends and make the party seem more intimate.

2. Ask for Attendance Confirmation

Do consider asking invited guests to RSVP or in French, “répondez, s’il vous plait.” Send the invitations in advance and simply get their replies so you are able to plan better ahead of time for the venue capacity and food.

3. Book the Venue Early On

It is advisable to reserve for the space early on because spaces that require a large headcount seem to be more in demand these days. The least you want to experience is panicking because you still do not have a venue when everything else is already prepared. When majority of your guests are far from the venue, you might want to set a compromise and make the setting be convenient for everyone to attend to. Think of a place that will be great to host your party that’s not hard to find on the map.

4. Know How to Dance and Party

The dance presentation is one of the most typical activities done in a coming-of-age party. Most girls’ 18th or guys’ 21st birthday celebration feature a cotillion or waltz in a formal party requiring a band and nine pairs of couples dancing to the tunes. Often, the young men in the dance present flowers, while the young women counterparts make wishes with lit candles. In some families, the birthday celebrant is given gifts that symbolize a more grown-up outlook in life.

5. Seek Help from a Pro

You can coordinate with an events planner and coordinator who organizes debut packages in Manila. Let the pros handle the work but it will still be your ultimate decision what theme you want to fit your party, what songs will be played on the background, what food and drinks to be served, etc. The events management team will be just be there to make sure that everything on the day of the party will be okay.


There are lots of things to plan and finalize for the ultimate coming-of-age party. This is an elegant affair whose memories will be remembered for a long time. So your goal in planning is to make it impressive and fun not only for yourself but also for all your guests to enjoy your day as they expect.

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