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5 Foundation Stones to Make Your Relationship Long Lasting

5 Foundation Stones to Make Your Relationship Long Lasting

 Summary: If you have just got engaged and are planning on a wedding make sure you put in some effort on building a strong foundation. It is essential for this new phase in your life to make sure that this it lasts for eternity. To understand how to achieve this read the following.5 Foundation Stones to Make Your Relationship Long Lasting

If you hear someone say that being in relationship is effortless know this, the person may have never been in one long enough to know. Relationships are always tough to maintain and with time they turn out to be even more complicated. The fun of courtship, the euphoria of engagement and finally the wedding bell ringing in might paint a rosy picture but there’s more to the story.

As the wedding marks the beginning of a new phase make sure you start building your marriage right from the pre-wedding days of incessant planning.

Here are five rules that one must follow to lay down a strong foundation:

  • While planning the wedding don’t simply boss around or make your wishes seem like the only option. At times letting your counterpart be heard can bring out their softer sides. At the same time don’t let your partner suppress your choices, speak out. All the decisions should be mutual. Let us suppose you are in a fix while deciding on the wedding event locations. You may want a simple wedding in civil wedding venues in Nottingham or a lovely destination wedding in country wedding venues in Nottinghamshire. Do not start a fight every time there is a difference in choice. Instead sit down with your partner, talk about the pros & cons and then make a shared choice.

  • Next very important thing to remember is don’t be clingy. Don’t just run around your partner and also don’t expect the same from your partner. Let him enjoy his bachelor party with his buddies. You can also do the same and go for a girl’s night out. The country wedding venues in Nottinghamshire definitely have plenty of activities you can indulge in with your bridesmaids. It will also make both of you miss each other a little bit more. In the long run distance will often keep things interesting between you two.

  • Right from the beginning make it a point to interact with your in-laws. This will definitely help you in the long run. Maintaining a stable relationship with each other’s in-laws is definitely a big step towards a healthy and long relationship together. But also make sure that you don’t let them influence you or interfere too much in your marriage. The wedding is a bond between you two and only you two can make it or break it.

  • Set future goals with your partner. Start by discussing where you want to live after you get married. Then talk about each other’s career ambitions so that neither overshadows their partner’s ambitions. Never expect adjustments and sacrifices only from your partner. Both of you need to put in equal efforts in order to make it last.

  • Lastly stay true and loyal to each other. Talk about everything under the sun and share every feeling. If you don’t open up and talk how would you expect complete understanding from your partner. Communication is the key to every successful relationship.

Start with these rules and turn them into a habit. As days pass by you will realize how important these rules were and still are in order to build up and maintain a long lasting partnership.

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