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4 Reasons Why You Should Have A Beach Wedding

There are so many different choices available when you are planning your wedding day and you want to get that decision right if you are going to be able to celebrate your marriage in the best possible way.

A beach wedding is a popular option and here are some of the reasons why it might be the best way to enjoy your very special day.


A relaxed way of getting hitched


If you are the sort of person who might easily get stressed by the prospect of such a formal wedding occasion that comes with getting married in a church and everything that goes with that type of ceremony, a beach wedding is the perfect alternative.


When you think of some of the great locations around the world like the JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa, for instance, a beach wedding allows you the chance to enjoy some stunning scenery and an enviable backdrop for your wedding photos without the same level of formality.


A beach wedding is a much more relaxed affair and you can enjoy dressing more informally while still looking elegant while enjoying the chance to celebrate your love for each other rather than focusing so much on the wedding ceremony.


The honeymoon is sorted


Another big advantage attached to a beach wedding is the fact that you will already be in a dream location and ready for your honeymoon without having to leave your guests and jet off somewhere else.


Being able to combine your wedding with your honeymoon in an exotic location is a great way of getting value for money and making sure you fully enjoy your day without feeling like you are on a schedule.


A real social occasion


Weddings are always an excellent opportunity to bring family and friends together and a beach wedding is an altogether more sociable environment.


Smiling faces and a happy atmosphere are guaranteed when everyone is relaxed and in a holiday frame of mind, which comes with the territory of enjoying such a joyous situation in beautiful and informal surroundings.


Get creative with your theme


There are only so many creative ways you can put your stamp on a more formal wedding, but with a beach location you have many more creative options.


If you want to be able to release lanterns or balloons at the end of the wedding or have a band serenade you and your guests as soon as your marriage is official and vows completed, this is also easier to organize when you have such an informal and flexible venue for your wedding.


A beach wedding can be more intimate and romantic than a more traditional affair and when you look at all the advantages you can see why more couples are choosing this option for their special day.


When you are planning your wedding and are looking for something more relaxed and informal a beach wedding ticks all the right boxes, and the day will be more about you as a couple rather than the wedding itself.


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