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3 Habits That Can Leave You With Damaged Skin

3 Habits That Can Leave You With Damaged Skin

 Everyone has bad habits that they wish they could stop. From drinking too many cocktails on a Friday night to spending too long in the sun, we all have habits that we want to change.3 Habits That Can Leave You With Damaged Skin

While most of our habits are fairly harmless, some of them can cause health issues. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Admittedly, very few of our habits can cause potential health problems, but there are a few that do.

Most of the health issues caused by our habits tend to be minor, such as causing our skin to become damaged. But even so, it’s important that we know about them. Us girls go to great lengths to keep ourselves looking good, which is why if we have any habits that could damage it, we would want to know.

You might not think that your habits are damaging your skin, but if you do any of the three things mentioned, below, then they could be.

  1. Smoking

Okay, so we all know that smoking is bad for our health – it can cause all sorts of problems. From long-term coughs to potentially fatal cancer, smoking has lots of nasty side effects. But did you know that smoking can affect the health of your skin?

That’s right, not only does smoking cause all sorts of other health issues, but it can also cause you to have unhealthy skin. The chemicals found in cigarette smoke don’t only affect your organs, but your skin as well.

If you want to prevent your habit of smoking affecting your skin, you need to quit. Yes, it might be hard to quit, but you can make it a little easier for yourself by swapping to using e-cigarettes. You can get an electronic cigarette starter kit online, containing everything that you need to make the switch.

E-cigarettes are free of most of the chemicals found in regular cigarettes. They also produce steam, not smoke, so they shouldn’t affect the health of your skin.

  1. Eating unhealthy foods

If you are a bit of a sugar addict or love snacking on fatty foods, you may not realize it, but you are damaging your skin. Just as eating lots of sugary snacks and fatty foods will affect your waistline, they will also affect your skin’s health.

While some foods help to keep your skin healthy, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, other foods can damage it. Foods that are high in salt, sugar and fat, can cause breakouts and blemishes to occur on your face – not a look that you want.

To keep your skin as healthy and happy as possible, it’s crucial that you follow a healthy diet. You need to ensure that you are eating healthy meals and snacking on healthy foods.

  1. Drinking too many alcoholic drinks

After a heavy night drinking, you wake up feeling rough in the morning. You might feel nauseous, dizzy and have a headache, right? Alcohol is a chemical, and so when you load it into your body, it causes damage and makes you feel unwell. Yes, those cocktails might have been yummy, but were they worth it?

Just like alcohol affects your body, it also causes problems for your skin. Not only can drinking lots of alcohol cause your skin to become dry and spotty, but it can also mean that your skin starts to age more prematurely.

To prevent alcohol from affecting your skin and causing damage, it’s crucial that you limit the amount of alcohol that you drink.

If you want healthy skin, you need to cut these three habits out of your life.

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